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The KISS experience!

Where do we start?? We won the KISS competition and made our roadtrip down to Phoenix! We were so excited and when we got there it was almost overwhelming to see the size and caliber of everything taking place! The people involved with the show were great to work with! Everyone was cool as could be! We got our passes and our dressing room and met the stage & tour managers and they gave us the low down of what we needed to do while we were there. They treated us great and really took care of us. We had great food, lots of help from everyone and our own roadies! lol We were able to meet up with Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley & even Doc McGee! They were very cool and we were able to tell them thank you for the chance to play with them. Gene told us to go out there and kick the headliners ass! I told him that we would give it our best shot! Too cool! The sound on and off stage was AMAZING!! When we played there was a great crowd of people and we had a good response! The experience was something we will never forget! Were hungrier than ever now and cant wait to hit the stage again soon! Tonight were recording our new track "Livin' a Lie". Were still in the running for the $10,000 grand price with the Guitar Center! Hopefully this song will be up on our page before Gene & Paul make there choice for the winner! The song rocks!


Well the voting for the KISS competition is now over and the rest is up to KISS! This has been a great experience and we have gained many new fans and friends along the way! You helped us get to 4th place in this contest to open for one of the greatest rock bands of our day! We are so thankful for all of you and appreciate all of your support! We will keep everyone informed as we find out!!

Vote Now for Heartbreak Hangover to open for KISS!!

Heartbreak Hangover is in a contest to open for KISS in Phoenix AZ.!! KISS will look at the top 5 bands with the most votes. We are in 5th place right now and there is only a week or two left till the voting is closed!! WE NEED YOUR VOTES!!! Its easy and fast! Here is how to do it! 1. Click the link and find our name. 2. Click the "Demand it" button by our name. 3. Enter the zip code 85035. 4. Share this link with everyone you know! 5. Cross your fingers! Thats it! Its easy! Thank you so much for your support!! Here is the link to get started. Only takes a few seconds! http://eventful.com/competitions/kiss2010/phoenix