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"The Official Birthday Bash" for Jazz of Dru Hill

Join us on Saturday Night!! April 21st, 2012 for The Official Birthday Bash Party & Event for Jazz of the Legendary R&B Group 'Dr Hill' with Special Guest Host J Rag & DJ ExeL with Special Celebrity Guests & Appearances!!

"The Juvenile Diabetes Foundation" Charity Event

Join J Rag on His Birthday, for "A Night Out" to Party for A Cause!! A Chance to support J Rag Jazz of Dru Hill & Friends along with other Special Celebrity Guests & Special Appearances and give back... Suport The Juvenile Diabetes Foundation and International Research and Help to Raise Awareness, Knowledge and give the Education on Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes and The Tour that was set up and created by J Rag Nino Breeze to Raise Money and Donations to Help to Make a Difference and Fund More International Research and Facilities and to Find and/or Create A Cure for the Disease!! ** J Rag hosts "The Juvenile Diabetes Foundation" Charity Event @ The Tavern On Broad, in Center City, Philadelphia on Saturday, January 14th, 2012 from 9pm-2am!! ** [Optional] Donations will be taken at the door upon entry in the form of an Optional $10 Cover wich goes directly to The JDF, and the Guests who donate will get a WristBand, wich gives them VIP Access All Night to Party in The VIP with Jazz of Dru Hill, J Rag, Nino Breeze, & Friends along with The Special Celebrity Guests and Appearances!! Also they will be entitled to the Special VIP Happy Hour from 9pm-11pm!! And also they will be getting to Drink "HALF-PRICE" the Entire Night as well!! *** Please join us January 14th and support J Rag The Juvenile Diabetes Foundation!! For more details visit: http://www.facebook.com/jragtv or The J Rag Event Listings @ http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/J-Rag/186545333033

Vote for J Rag on Top Indie Charts

Vote for J Rag on Top Independent Artist Charts, make J Rag's single "Let's Get It" featuring CK go to #1..... Every vote counts..... Make your vote count right here!! Click on the Link below to place your vote in for J Rag's Single........ "Let's Get It" f/ CK http://topindieartists.com/x6xs89

The Juvenile Diabetes Foundation

Everybody Please support us and The Juvenile Diabetes Foundation and Help to make a difference and raise awareness and give the knowledge and education to everyone about the Disease Diabetes!! Diabetes can be found in both Children and Adults!! Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes are both Serious Conditions and Together hopefully we will be able to Find and/or Create A Cure for Diabetes!! Any and Everything can make the difference!! Please Visit the JDF Official WebSite or go to www.causes.com and click "The Juvenile Diabetes Foundation" and Please Make A Donation!! This is a Powerful Cause and Every Event or Concert We do gets put Towards the JDF Charity and The International Research!! *** For more details on Events and UpComing Shows and Concerts visit: http://www.myspace.com/jragtv OR http://www.facebook.com/jragtv

2011 "Labor Day Weekend Celebration"

Join J Rag for an entire Weekend Celebration and Festival of Events, Shows, Parties, and Appearances in Atlantic City, New Jersey!! "Labor Day Weekend" 2011 at The South Jersey Shore hosted by J Rag....... http://www.myspace.com/jragtv "The Summer Pool Party" @ The Pool with J Rag on Friday "The Beach Party" on Sunday, Sunday Night at The Casbah "A Night Out" on Saturday at The Chelsea Come and join us the entire weekend in AC!! http://www.youtube.com/user/jrag3218

Vitamin Water "UnCapped" in Philly

Mike Taylor hosts The Vitamin Water "UnCapped" Live Event at Philly's Sigma Sound Studio's. On The Sigma Sound Stage!! Live Performances and Special Guest Appearances!! Great Show!! Great Party!! ~~ 215 Magazine http://www.iammiketaylor.com

"What If......"

"What If..... I was the one that you were supposed to spend your life with...?" "I always think of someone everytime that I had heard this song...... So This girl I had been friends with since PreSchool, And 20 something years later it would always still cross my mind..... what if we were supposed to be together..... And we had remained close friends until we lost contact for about 5 years or so..... I finally made the initiative to find her and did.......We both thought and felt the same way and the same things...... Now we have come together and are talking about being together....... Had I not gone back to find her, it would have been on my mind and I'd a thought about it and regretted it for the rest of my life......." ~~ J Rag "What If...." by Kenny "BabyFace" Edmonds To see the Song & Video and original Blog Post visit The J Rag Blog on The J RagTv NetWork @ http://www.myspace.com/jragtv

Love & Relationships and a Friend of the Opposite Sex

I don't think that people in a relationship should feel the need 2 talk 2 people of the opposite sex, other than their partner on a regular basis. If he or she needs 2 talk, that's what their boyfriend /girlfriend is 4. U might not be having sex with ya"friend", but an emotional tie is being made that could lead 2 sex which is also CHEATING in my book....... ~~ Made by a Fan on The J RagTv NetWork. "I'm not sure that this is always the case or always true. A person who has a friend of the opposite sex should being in a relationship know the boundaries that need to be set. And if they are getting the emotional support and time from the partner than those boundaries and lines will never be crossed. Long talks, intimate talks and then wich become sexual talks and can yes lead to a sexual situation and encounter..... But trust is a major virtue that may be the leading role in this dance......" ~~ J Rag www.jragtv.com Topics & Discussions on J RagTv

The Juvenile Diabetes Charity Show & Event

Hosted by J Rag of MindScApe Entertainment(R). and Nino Breeze of Change Entertainment(R). and The Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. The Charity Event and Show will be on Black Friday, November 25th, 2011 @ The TLA on South Street, Center City, Philadelphia, Pa The All Day affair and event tops off with youth performances in the early portion of the evening to be closed out beginning at 7pm with Live Performances by R&B Artists Jon B. and Kenny "BabyFace" Edmonds {Other Artists still could be added} and the proceeds from ticket sales will be given to the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. Please help us with supporting this Cause and help to raise awareness and more funds to research and the chilodren and families who seek the assistance in caring for this sickness. ** For more detailed information please visit the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation WebSite or Nino Breeze on FaceBook...... *** http://www.myspace.com/jragtv Check out the J RagTv NetWork for details and ticket information.... Thank you so much for the support!! Support our Youth and Our Children!!

Lenny S.
Lenny S.  (about 6 years ago)

Everybody needs to get out there and support this Cause and Support J Rag and friends and all of there hard work and dedication and efforts with this Series of Charity Events Concerts and social events as well as stop by the JDF Website or through www.causes.com and MAKE DONATIONS!!!! ANY AND EVERYTHING HELPS!! MUCH LOVE AND SUPPORT!!!

New J Rag WebSite Launch

Check Out "J RagTv" The Official J Rag WebSite. Launched on Saturday August 13th, 2011 All Entertainment!! J Rag Music and Videos. New Episodes, Blogs, and Everything else to Connect with J Rag & The J RagTv NetWork. Online!! www.jragtv.com