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It looks like the 10-piece Stardust Big Band will be getting a home of their own. The Red Line Tap here in Chicago is discussing with us the possibility of becoming their Big Band In Residence this fall. First Thursdays starting in September. Maybe I'll start writing again...

The other side of Jon McGahan

I have had a few requests for a link to where I have my non-jazz compositions... here it is: http://www.free-scores.com/Download-PDF-Sheet-Music-jazvampire.htm

Summertime in the Northern Suburbs

Stardust Big Band will be back at Bannockburn Green on July 23, as part of their summer music series. Free and Outdoors- two of my favorite words!

This just in...

Once upon a time, there was the Deja Vu Big Band, and , coincidentially enough, they played at a place called the Vu. It seems appropriate that since Stardust is comprised of elements of that august ensemble, we go back to our humble beginnings for a gig. The Vu is now known as The Rock House, under different ownership, but the address is still the same- 2624 N. Lincoln Ave. in Chicago, and on Thursday, March 4th, it'll be "Deja Vu all over again".

Next gig!

The next gig is in! April 11 @6pm at: "This Must Be The Place" in Lemont

New venue

I have been contacted by a place down in Lemont appropriately named "This Must Be The Place"... we're looking at either April 11th or 18th- Sunday evening 6-10. I think mort of the guys are leaning to the 11th- now all I need a one rehearsal for touch-up, and we're ready to roll!