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'Suspicious' Kalashnikov assault rifle discovered!

Lol classic Sky News story, I sure am curious to read the defence counsel's case summary on this one...

The pro-Gaddafi Libyan defendant was caught in possession of an AK-47 Kalashnikov assault rifle, but still insists he is just a student.

...I wonder what course he is studying? Home Economics I reckon! 8)

Seti@home - The result of having failed to find intelligent life on Earth :D

::Dear dudes::

Please come and join Team Lunar Dusk at Seti@home!

For those not familiar with Seti@home, it is a scientific experiment that uses internet-connected computers in the search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI), and you participate by running a free program that downloads and analyzes radio telescope data - automatically returning it to the Berkeley Institute for analysis of potential Candidate signals.

What is a Candidate signal? A Candidate signal is, in essence, a radio signal received at a particular frequency vs time vs power that exhibits a behavioural pattern(s) that is highly unlikely to originate from a natural phenomenon, and is therefore likely to be of extraterrestrial origin.

You can also set it up as a screensaver for your computer, and therefore it only runs when it is not in use! :)

The experiment is based upon The Drake Equation, which estimates the number of civilizations in our galaxy, with which communication might be possible.

The equation parameters are naturally highly variable, however, the precision of each respective parameters' probabilities are becoming increasingly accurate through new scientific discoveries and realisations within the cosmos...in any scenerio, we know that it can't equal to less than 1, because we are here! lol

The most recent estimate for the number of civilizations in our galaxy, with which communication might be possible, is 10 million.


I like to vizualise it like this; if life on Planet Earth was like a winning lottery ticket, surely it would be extremely unlikely for there to be only one winner if 300 billion lottery tickets were issued - that's the most recent estimate for the number of planets in the Milky Way alone, and, apart from the 685 extrasolar planets discovered so far, there is estimated to be 700 sextillion planets in the universe as a whole! =)

::Team Lunar Dusk:: is currently ranked at number 7,655 and has now overtaken the following teams, thanks to recent server upgrades! =)

- Starbucks Coffee (lol!) - RCC College of Technology - University of Nebraska - Omaha - Toby Williams Institute Of Technology - South Florida Amateur Astronomers Association (SFAAA) - Peaceful Earthling World Organization - ...and some dude called Humphrey.

If you are interested in joining, please visit us at: http://setiathome.berkeley.edu/team_display.php?teamid=135175

...and to find out more about the international Seti@home experiment, please visit: http://setiathome.berkeley.edu/sah_about.php

Cheers amigos! I hope everyone is having a coolies weekend so far! \m/ Aerial )0(

Voice to Skull
Voice to Skull  (over 4 years ago)

I shall have it!

Ms Cilla

...thinks that if Cheryl Cole plays her cards right, she may end up the next Cilla Black :D

New song 'Lunacy' added!

Dear Darklings,

It sure has been a while, and i would firstly like to thank my abductors for finally returning me from the Zeti Reticuli system (especially for transferring me just in time to miss that annoying and rediculous wedding:)

I must admit i am missing those pretty, big, black, soulless eyes already, but that is only natural i guess!

Well i hope everyone is having a truly luminous and electrifying spring so far, not too long until beautiful Autumn =)

With the construction of the Trick or Treat recording studio finally complete, here is the first new Lunar Dusk song. It started off with a working title of 'The Enchanted Orchid of Celestial Loveliness' but ended up as 'Lunacy'.

I hope you enjoy the music my friends, there will be more songs and gigs as soon as space-time permits 8)

Peace...In Darkness Aerial x