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What makes “ Mr. O ” INTENSE: The intenseness of working toward perfection and quality to give to the listening audience. His audience is important to him to receive encouraging words through lyrical content and toe tapping groves during these tough times. Music reaches and crosses all boundaries, cultures, countries, cities, and states. The technology today makes it possible to go anywhere in the world. Therefore “ Mr. O ” takes his music and career serious!

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Thank God For this release. but cant stop there, working on the full CD.. soon to come.. untill then Check back for more Single Cd release... Reggae Gospel.... Jah Bless To all...

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Manager: Ian Lloyd Gospel Frontiers •London Uk •Ofc. Uk. 020 7088 5919

•info@gospelfrontiers.co.uk •http://www.gospelfrontiers.co.uk

Artist: Willie Odom Sr Gospel Frontiers •Houston Tx •Hou/Tx 281 241-9501 •London.Uk 020 3287 8749 •willieodom2@aol.co.uk

Not My Time But His Time

Please Don't Quit... The CD -

The Trinity is an intensely foundational subject to the Body of Christ, as believers are taught that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit reside in one. For Willie Odom Sr., (singer, songwriter, musician, producer), this 3 fold subject has taken on an entirely new meaning as he has experienced his own personal trinity with the U.K. release of his album Please Don’t Quit. It was 6 years ago when the Man of God ventured across the pond to present his music, but things just weren’t coming together for him. “It just wasn’t in God’s timing,” said Odom. Odom says that the idea for the project came directly from God, but admits that he had yet to experience the “please don’t quit” attitude that the album suggests. “God gave me this song,” said Odom “But, I couldn’t stand up to it’s title, because I hadn’t really been through anything.” It was the almost simultaneous loss of a job of 17 years and the death of his mother, that gave Odom further fuel for his holy fire. During his struggle, fellow church members and friends constantly encouraged him not to “quit”. With this inspiration, Odom went back to the drawing board with a connection to his music that can only came through living through moments where he did not quit. However, this go around everything was in perfect in harmony with God’s timing. Odom came across the right constituents to help fine tune his album, and even made the connections necessary for a London release date. Odom’s love for God and music are paralleled by his passion for the U.K., and for the longest time he has sought their unity. The release of Please Don’t Quit on Gospel Frontiers Records, coinciding with a performance at Solutions International Christian Centre in London on Oct. 31st , will do just that. “People ask me why I release it from London,” said Odom. “Because God gave it to me release it from London.” The single Please Don’t Quit appeals to the commonalities of trials and struggles that everyone faces, as Odom bridges a connection between the struggles of man and the spiritual inspiration to persevere. The sound has a musical fluidity that lays a fundamental foundation for the lyrical appeal to the Christian and motivational psyche. Not to mention that the multitude of musical changes compiled with background singers brings that fullness to the orchestration of the song. It’s obvious that that Odom’s personal trinity is effective, as he has already received messages from people who have been blessed by the music. “It’s doing what it’s supposed to do,” said Odom. For more information on Willie Odom Sr., or to listen to Please Don’t Quit, please visit http://www.facebook.com/l/9fc3b;www.willieodomsr.com or request it to be played on http://www.facebook.com/l/9fc3b;www.mygodradio.com --------------------


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