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Songwriting 101

Ive been in this 101 class of Songwriting for awhile now and it has been a great learning experience for me..I have been making up songs and singing them since I was a young girl and I would

entertain any unsuspecting playmate or realative with my stories and songs all made up by me..Daddy used to say "She can tell some whoppers" But some were kinda true :) I have to admit I always had a big imagination...

Here is a couple of tips I have learned in this class :)

(1) If you hear a song in your head...Write it down or record it right away...Sing it with any melody One you are familar with.. this helps you structure your song When you have your lyrics.. You can compose your own melody

(2) If you are writing from a song idea ..Just start writing about that idea..Write what you are feeling How it might pertain to you

When you are through.. .Go back and pick out everything you like and put the other to the side. .Look at your song and ask your self...Am I telling a story? .You need a beginning a middle (chours) and an ending and maybe a bridge to connect the end Read it again. Did you like what you wrote? If so Someone (not everyone) will like it too..

I may be stuck in this Songwriting 101 for awhile as I learnhow to become a good songwriter But I will share what I have been told with you'

Happy Song Writing