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Hey everyone,

It has been awhile since we have changed our Myspace page demographics. We are just letting everyone know that Tim Schoessler and Alex Beaverson are no longer a part of Righteous Vendetta. We have had our new members for about seven months now and are releasing our full length with them. They are Steven Nichols and Matt Neddermeyer.

There is absolutely no hard feelings, life changes, and so do members! We still love those dudes SO MUCH!

That said, this lineup is stacked, our new material is faster, more technical, and catchier than ever! Hear it on our full length release coming late July!

Vote for us for Battle of the Bands :)

Thank you all! Blessings

Ryan and co.

GMA Showcase

Hey everyone we are showcasing at Rocketown in Nashville April 20th! Hope to see you there :)

The RV Parking Tour

Hey everyone we are going on a 15 day tour hitting states Wyoming, Montana, Utah, Washington, and Idaho. We would love to see everyone come out to a show. We are looking forward to playing in new towns and meeting brand new people. Remember our EP is available online on Itunes, Amazon, and many more online distributors so go pick one up! $4! See you soon.