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FLASHBACK: 1912 OCTOBER, 20TH,THE SILVER DOLLAR SALOON: Silver Dollar was holding a huge masquerade party that featured the Peterless Quartet, after a truly smashing performance had ended, the fans were very impressed, The Peterless quartet had quite a few fans, all of which still wanted to Party, It was only 1:30 am. and several of the fans had just got out of prison , but, considering how much alcohol was consumed even the brothel adjacent to the saloon couldn't sway there partying needs. One of the attractive and alluring female guests Michelle, promoted the idea of holding a séance in the Saloon, before the mirrors and in dim candlelight, the fans began chanting in unison: "let the dead arise, so says the sin filter rocking dead. bring us Scilter.....The thirteenth time they said it, something very odd and frightening happened. As if we needed proof that AMAZING and horrible things happen in the dark, I GIVE YOU THE ROCKING DEAD...... FAST FORWARD: 2012.OCTOBER 20th SILVER DOLLAR :ROCKING DEAD CONCERT I finally arrived , to be greeted by a great friend and Awesome drummer BRAD , who rushed me to come in, as I Approached the enterance I SAW THE beautiful Bethany and the Awesome Adam,and we immediately struck up a conversation, Then I heard something that sounded like a whisper or chanting, OVER and OVER ..and just as I was about to ask Bethany, if she had heard the strange chanting as well, I immediately noticed that Bethany had a large gash on her neck and was clearly transformed into a zombie princess , I looked over to Adam , and said"what the hell, is going on" but as I looked over I watched in sheer horror as the hair on Adam's hands began to grow, which wasn't unusual but then his bones contorted and crackled and bent , he shrieked and howled in pain until he had transformed completely into a human sasquatch . I ran inside only to notice ,Kerry my good friend and lead singer had succumbed to the undead, as the sexiest police officer I had ever seen, BECKY was walking him with a leash, too saddened at the sudden zombification , to crush his skull I suppose, then I felt it a slight spider tingle, there before me was the cause of all this mayhem the DARK FAIRY of chaos © Michelle, with her independent, non-voting, unbiased zombie cohorts, Alicia and Jen, more and more strange creatures, who were once my friends appeared, Dawn was possessed by a pirate and Jason young, the poor soul had succumbed to the ripper ... Kyle's face had been ripped off, and Aaron in chains was overtaking by the zombie spell also, he looked as though he put up a struggle however, but being chained he finally was overwhelmed , A large yellow bird appeared later on which resembled Brad and a grumpy green monster was also seen carrying an ax, and looked a alot like Jason of the greene. spidey appeared but even he was zombiefied, and Not even the wholesome and sweet Lori could stop what was to come, Betsy had been transformed into a creature , a wild creature, Betsy birthday celebration had become a nightmare , Candice,who was also celebrating her birthday had sprouted wings, and became a fairy nymph.


Scilter began to play and the crowded haunted evil bar stopped to listen as they danced and gyrated . several prison inmates were walking aimlessly, one in particular Mike, had a large appendage poking out, which delighted at least one of the possessed bar maids, Christina. I Pulled out my book on how to counteract a 100 year old Scilter spell , but there was nothing about this, but just when I was about to give up the independent, non-voting unbiased zombie Alicia , grunted and said "it is quite simple" she explained ," the original zombie princess had to be bathed in blessed water."... "Bethany" It must be her ,but how was I going to get her to bath in holy water ..... "the pool of course ", I exclaimed.."what is going on anyway"I asked the independent Zombie Alicia, "a spell was cast 100 years ago, on this day ,and now the creatures and evil from that era are possessing everyone in this time, and if she is not baptised in holy water before 2:00 a.m. all will be.....ahhh" just then the grumpy monster in a garbage can hit Alicia with his ax...and yelled"tattle-tale" .... as the big yellow bird flew up an trampled the garbage monster...crying.."that's my friend..."I ran to Human Sasquatch Adam , in an attempt to reach his humanity , I told him in his native sasquatchian language what needed to be done, he immediately grabbed Bethany and ran towards the pool, but the dark chaos fairy and her new Yoda like apprentice locked the gate to the pool..."hahaha" ... the yoda like witch cackled, in the meantime I had already hopped the fence, and poured the flask of holy water into the pool.... while. sasquatch Adam had pushed and prodded Bethany over as well, then he grunted and jumped over with us... Bethany realized what was happening , and grabbed Adam by the throat, Adam grunted"boobachoo coolk muck muck", which meant in sasquatchian "I LOVE YOU BETHANY much Much"... then Kristina jumped kicked Bethany as she flew into the pool... and reality warped, back to normal , I sat in the pool ..."are you really getting out" Adam questions me", " WELL, I guess, Jason said ,she called the cops"... I've learned to never be the first to arrive(or jump in)" or the last to leave, especially when the cops are involved or that Yoda lookalike that always arrives right on time, but one thing is for certain, Adam was correct when he shouted"Silver Dollar Sells the alcohol that makes us do this shit!!" and the balcony fans cheered on... I ran to the motel and Aaron and Lori were fine, everything was back to normal , I told Aaron what had happened at the pool, he just laughed and said " I LOVE YOU GUYS".... and then he said the cops were here and so, I ran by the front desk ...indeed they had...but, that's another story.....� -Written By: Marc Berry