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Update July 1

So it appears to have been quite a while since we have updated y'all through this blog. We are currently working up the tracks for the new album. All scratch tracks have been laid down for reference and the official tracks will be recorded shortly. I really dig the new crop of jams. There will again be something for everybody. Like slow and sludgy? We got it. Fast and thrashy? We got it. Melodic and harmonic? Yep. Twangy and autotuned? Suck it!! Album title, track listing, and artwork will be revealed soon as well! ~Derek~


Hey everyone, thanks for reading. Just want to throw out a big thank you to all the recent companies, radio stations and magazines for the exposure. We are quickly building a national fanbase and will hopefully soon be able to visit a city near you!!

McKinley Motionless
McKinley Motionless  (about 2 years ago)

heyy im that kid u gave those cds 2 in new Plymouth you guys r awesome

Album Progress

We have almost finished up our album, stay tuned for a release date spring 2012. In the mean time check out our studio blog and everything else about the band at http://www.ashesofabaddon.com