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My 12 Year Old

So with great fanfare, and choosing my moment carefully, waiting for just the right age, I proudly hand my son the copy of The Hobbit i've been saving for him and...he finds it a trifle hard to swallow! Even the Orcs, even Shelob, didn't move him! I knew i gave it to him too late! (he's 12). So be wary, ye parents, trying to replicate your childhood heights in the jaded young folk of today!

Mother's Day - a Day of NOT

My husband and kids ask me what i want for MD: A day of NOT having to haul my darling lambkins out of bed, a day of NOT having to make dinner, a day of NOT having to do the dishes, a day of NOT having to make my sweety pies' lunches. And I bet this is true for my mom, too! Peace!