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True Love - ¡Pas Net!

First, since you’re probably wondering about it, let’s get this out of the way: ¡Pas Net!, the name of True Love’s fourth album and Main Man Records debut, is French and literally translated means “not clear.” The colloquial meaning of the expression, however, is something more akin to “sketchy” or “shady.” It’s a phrase that the father of True Love guitarist Tom “The Squirrel” Beaujour often uses to characterize individuals that he considers to be unworthy of his admiration. It’s been adopted by drummer Ray Kubian and bassist Keith Hartel, as well. So yeah, “pas net” means “wack,” “shitty,” “lame,” “hack,” “only worthy of an enthusiastic hobbyist but not of a real musician”… you get the drift.

Plainly stated, the goal of True Love on this album, which took no less than four years to complete, was to make sure that there was not one goddamn “pas net” thing on it. Yes, four years. Four years of writing, overdubbing, redoing, drinking, writing, overdubbing, drinking, moving studios, having all their shit under tarps for six months because the new studio was a disaster, drinking more, mixing, remixing, bongs hits and talking copious amounts of shit all went into making an album that, while death-obsessed to the max, shines the cheerful light of pop melodies and Queen-inspired vocal harmonies on the least sunny of subjects.

Whether this album yields placements on television and film soundtracks (like the band’s previous three albums) remains to be seen. Whether this band (which hasn’t ventured beyond the walls of their Hoboken, NJ fortress since before anyone even knew who Barack Obama was) can still deliver the pitch perfect live shows that sometimes pack ‘em in also remains to be seen (we’re pretty sure they’re up to it).

We do promise you one thing: ¡Pas Net! is anything but.

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Out January 2010 on Main Man Records.