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Sale and EP Coming Soon!

Happy Throwback Thursday everyone!! (wait...sorry, it's not Thursday anymore, the day got away from me, SO Happy Friday!! :) But, the sale is 'Throwback Thursday Sale', so there you have it. To celebrate my upcoming EP... my very first baby (musically speaking) released back in 2005, is on sale for one week only, from Thursday to Thursday. Only $5 (that's a steal, there's 13 songs on this bad boy!) Go to http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/janeenleah to download! Alright, SO!... what is this new upcoming EP I mentioned, you ask? ;-) I'm so excited to announce a co-write, 3 song EP with the amazing songwriter/producer, Cliff Goldmacher! His songwriting credits include Spencer Day and Jane Monheit, his producer credits include Ke$ha. He is so awesome, you guys! Can't wait for you to hear it! We also do a duet together! :-D So happy I convinced him of that, it's my favorite song! So, check out his site http://www.cliffgoldmacher.com and you'll see what I'm excited about. Join the facebook event at https://www.facebook.com/events/524435977661718/?ref=22 and let the countdown begin! Thank you all so much for being there with me, some of you since the first release til now, my #4 release!! Aaaah!! I'm so excited for you to hear it! Love you all so much! Because of you, I get to live my dream!! XOxoX Janeen

Joining UK Artist, Scott Cowie On His 1st American Tour!

I'm so excited to join the amazingly entertaining, Scott Cowie from Scotland on his first tour in the US! He just kicked off his tour in the UK and will be coming my way the end of July. I will post the dates soon....for now, check out Scott Cowie at scottcowie.com - check out his videos and you'll see why I'm so excited! How I met Scott..... it was total fate....at the last min I decided to go to an 'open mic' at The Hotel Utah in San Francisco. After I signed up, a guy with a Scottish accent asks me if he can borrow my guitar....he was very nice and charming, so I said 'sure!' :-) Then his turn came to go up....my jaw dropped as at the first note it was clear this guy was an extremely talented musician, then he started singing and I was even more impressed. But, what I think impressed me the most was that here was this amazing musician, completely entertaining the crowd, totally comfortable up there and cracking everyone up with his song 'Crack Head Whore'.....but with all that rock-stardom that he was showing the audience, he's so down-to-earth and just an all around cool person with absolutely no ego.....that's what impressed me the most. The reason I say it was fate....he just so happened to be at this open mic because someone told him he should while he was in town....he was in town playing a party for the guy who invented the cassette tape because The Stone Roses weren't available and they recommended Scott for the party! So, this was just a random thing that both of us happened to be at this open mic...I had never been there before and decided to at the last min, thinking originally I was going to go somewhere else that night. So, now all because I went to an open mic at The Hotel Utah, I am going to join one of the most amazing artists I have had the pleasure to see live...on his 1st American tour! Holy crap, I'm excited....ok, I'm done, now go check out his videos...you'll see what I mean... Janeen

My CD From India Out Now!

'Some Rhyme Some Reason' the collaboration EP with Bollywood musician, Tushar Parte is now available! Listen and download at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/leahparte

This record is one of a kind. You've never heard anything like it, yet it sounds familiar like from a dream or past life.

Hard Rock Rising 2013

Day 3 of competition and I've been up and down...right now I'm in 4th place.....keep me in the running and help get the word out. Free download for your vote! Just a click away! Thank you! xoxo Click here to vote/download http://www.reverbnation.com/contests/1522/artist/611


'Right In Front Of Me', the new EP from soulful songstress, Janeen Leah is now available! Get yours at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/janeenleah1

'Right In Front Of Me' - The New EP Coming November 1, 2012

f.Boo Music announces 'Right In Front of Me', the new EP from soulful songstress, Janeen Leah. This highly anticipated follow up to her self-released album 'Time Is Never Wasted', is set to release November 1st, 2012. The first single, 'Life Eternal' is available now!

CD Release show at Red Devil Lounge in San Francisco, Saturday, November 24th at 7pm. Buy tickets at www.aftonshows.com/janeenleah

Go to janeenleah.com to learn more about Janeen Leah and to download 'Life Eternal'.

Recording session and photo session July 2010

Had a fabulous time flying out to LA to lay down the vocals for my next record with producer Keven Brennan!! Also was able to have an amazing photo shoot with Paola Ibern of P. Magnum Photography! Coming soon...I will post backstage video footage of the experience in the studio and photo session....

Buzz about New Moon Soundtrack!

I just wanted to write and say thank you to the people who are buzzing about wanting my song "Fallen" on the New Moon soundtrack. I'm a HUGE fan of the Twilight series, I read every book before the movie came out!! :-) I never thought that anyone would think that any of my songs would be right for the series, but I'm really excited to think that they could be!! I would LOVE to be a part of any Twilight movie soundtrack! I talked to my label about it and they are going to contact the music suprivisor for the movie, so everybody pray for me!!! :-) And hopefully post-production isn't finished with getting all the songs for the movie, but if it is...maybe for the next one?! ooooh that would be awesome!!! I appreciate anyone helping getting the word out that could bring some attention about this, it definitely would help....so, please keep spreading the word...THANK YOU!

Here's the link to a youtube video someone made, thanks I love it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1_Urr0Rn3I

Signed to f.Boo!!

I'm thrilled to announce that I have signed to indie label, f.Boo! We are in pre-production right now for an album written by yours truly and produced by Keven Brennan (he produced my songs "Rainy Day" and "Calloused Heart") Keven is brilliant and I couldn't be more excited to be signed with f. Boo and to work with Keven again!! So, stay tuned....the plan is to release this album this fall........will my 3rd album be finished before my second album is released? I don't know, we shall see. :-) I know that Tushar is working hard and it's going to be amazing, whenever it's released! It will be a different flavor anyway....because it's not just my album it's Janeen Leah and Tushar Parte! So, I guess technically it's not my second album, it's OUR first album and this album with f. Boo will be MY 2nd album! If you want to get technical. :-) Well, I just wanted to give you all this exciting news flash! Check out http://www.fboo.com for the press release and more info on f.Boo!

More soon, Janeen

Recorded album with Tushar Parte in India!

I recently traveled to Bombay India on an invite from accomplished Bollywood musician, Tushar Parte to record an album!

Tushar is a very gifted songwriter and musician, I feel very fortunate to have collaborated an album together. What an amazing experience I will treasure forever! I can see why people say they go to India and come back enlightened! What wonderful culture they have! I was blown away by how kind an generous the people are. Everyone was so concerned about my well-being and if I was happy and comfortable. And I definitely never went hungry! They all wanted to feed me their delicious Indian cuisine! :-) I could go on an on about the people and the culture, but I do want to tell you about the album!

We recorded LIVE...drums, bass, guitar and vocals (not something that is done much these days...usually it is recorded one track at a time) frankly, that is what I did on my last album. Nothing wrong with that. But, there was definitely a magic that came from all playing live together at the same time. I was amazed that we accomplished this so beautifully! None of us had all worked together before....Tushar (who I collaborated on this album with) we had done the song "Wine of Consciousness" together, which was the last song on my album, 'Time is Never Wasted'.....but he recorded the tracks there in India...then sent the tracks to me in LA to record my vocals on..then I sent them back to him to mix and master.

So, this album was the first time we worked physically in the same room together. Then on top of that...the bass player (Dominic Fernandes) and drummer (Hamza Kazi) had only chord charts and a rough recording of the song (just guitar and vocals) prior to coming into the studio....often they heard the song we were set to record for the first time THAT DAY and then recorded it! I was amazed....it was like we had been playing these songs together for years, it was truly magical!

We also recorded most of the songs on the old studor analog tape....if you don't know what that is...that is what they used in the old days of records, and it is known for it's warm rich tone that digital recordings just can't capture.

I'll let you know when it's released!

I will post a song from the album for you to hear as soon as it is available. Right now 'Rainy Day' is posted....a song of mine that I recorded with a gifted producer, Keven Brennan...he also does most of the instrumentation on the song as well. We also did "Calloused Heart" together. Both of those songs are available to download through the SnoCap store on my site http://www.janeenleah.com

Talk soon!