Tour Dates and FREE STUFF!

Hey everyone! Hope this letter find you well. Just wanted to drop a line to let you know about some exciting things we have coming up.

First TOUR DATES! We are hitting the road again starting this week and will be all over the midwest and south. We are playing with a burleque troupe and TONS of awesome bands including Saliva! Here are the dates!

10.14 - Iggy's- Lakewood, OH - with Burlesque Troup The Red Hot Heathens 10.18- G.A.R. Hall - Peninsula, OH - SOLO ACOUSTIC SHOW 10.20 - Heston Farms - Fairmont, WV - An Evening With Darling Waste 10.22 - The Ultimate Basement - Spindale, NC 10.23 - The Rock Shop - Fayetteville, NC 10.24 - Pizza Lane - Sumter, SC 10.26 - Conundrum Music Hall - Columbia, SC 10.27 - The Sound Hole - Myrtle Beach, SC - Headlining Fox Radio Fest 10.30 - The Foundry - Cleveland, OH - with VIASAVA 11.02 - Black River Lanes - Elyria, OH - Toys for Tots Toy Drive 12.02 - The Outpost - Kent, OH - With SALIVA 12.09 - Peabodies - Cleveland, OH - With The Browning, Make Me Famous, For All Those Sleeping, Close To Home, My Ticket Home, Buried In Verona , Famous Last Words, Get Scared, Heartist, and I Am King

HOPE TO SEE YOU AT A SHOW!~ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

In case you missed it, we released a three song free EP this month called "What Happened To The Empathy?". It's free. Want one? Message us on Facebook and we will give you a code ;)


Hey everyone, so I had a long talk with the good people over at Yellow Fish Records yesterday and I got a lot more details about the album I want to pass along to you.

First, the bad news. We have decided to push back Darling Waste's new album "Good and Bad Angels" from it's expected August 14th release date to an October 20th release date. So it will be a couple more months before we can share what we have been working on for the past year or so with you.

Now the good news and there is a bunch:

The reason we have all decided to push the album back is because Yellow Fish Records loves the songs we have done so much that their board has ordered more songs for the record! When we first signed to Yellow Fish, we agreed to do a 4-5 song small e.p. and see how it sold. When we got into the studio we ended up recording five songs and are really happy with how they turned out. For those of you interested, those songs are called Hannah Bond, Samsara, Tonight Might Save My Life, Those Beautiful Words and A Last Retrospect.

As soon as we finished the e.p. we went on a full U.K. tour. A representative of Yellow Fish caught my solo set at The Dublin Castle in London. That night I performed a couple of b-side songs that I love. After the show Yellow Fish offered to bring us back into the studio and record a couple of acoustic songs to show off our softer side. From that session we got a really good version of one of my favorite songs and most personal, Shelf Life. I'm really honored this song made the album and am excited to see what you guys think of it. So now the e.p. was up to six songs.

Once we got back to the states from touring and recording we had some time off. A couple of big and very personal events happened when I got home and the writing bug bit and I wrote a kind of nine minute song about it, which we have decided to break into three little songs and place throughout the album. So now our little three song e.p. has grow to a nine song album.

This week I was talking to Ryan from the band Rookie of the Year while he is out on tour. We have always wanted to do a song together and we think now would be a great time since he is coming off the road soon and I have a little time off. So I asked Yellow Fish if we could possibly...get..one..more..song on the album. Their response was awesome. They have been mixing the album and are just as excited as we are about it. They have given us the opportunity to flesh it out into a full length, twelve song album!

This is great for us and for our fans, giving us the chance to make a record with all the songs we really wanted on it and a length that will make us (and hopefully you) much happier. So with this new game plan in mind we are heading back to the U.K. in September to record the final three songs and finish the record!

We also realize that this means no new Darling Waste music for a while, so...those who know me know that I have been talking about an album called "For the Gloomy Guses and Negative Nancies" for about two years now. I am happy to announce that we will be releasing "For the Gloomy Guses and Negative Nancies" next month FOR FREE to our mailing list/fan club friends! All you have to do to get the ENTIRE album is sign up for our mailing list on our myspace page, website or reverbnation page! It's our way of saying thanks for waiting patiently while we are making "Good and Bad Angels" the album we have always dreamed of releasing.

So that's it! We are playing a couple of shows in PA and WV this august, stay tuned to the myspace page for that. We are also touring England in October and December and will be announcing tour dates in America, Ireland, Scotland, France and Germany for 2011 later this year!

Hope this letter finds everyone well and thanks so much for all of your love you have shown us for the past couple of years. We are very excited to show you "Good and Bad Angels" and hope you will love it as much as we do! love love love


Darling Waste on the cover of VENTSMAG



Already making waves and touring the world, Darling Waste the New York quartet are taking their indie pop global. It's not hard to see why they are so liked, with emotional lyrics, and gorgeous layered pianos and guitars, that millions of lighters go up with ease, the band just knows how to pluck the heartstrings just right. If you don't believe me, take a listen to “The Insignificants” a song that in lesser hands would be a sappy mess, but instead Darling Waste makes it grow from a gently plucked lullaby to a heavenly choir and piano crescendo, that will make you hold your loved ones, or want to search for some deeper meaning in the stars. Pick up this album and enjoy the ride. Smiling, crying and hope included.


What's the meaning behind the name Darling Waste? How did you guys come up with that name? Lance: The name Darling Waste is pretty personal really. It just stems from growing up with high expectations and not living up to your full potential.

How you guys started as a band? Lance: I started the band in high school as a solo project. I just was writing some songs and had some songs left over from a previous band I was in. I put the first record out and got a great response, MTV started playing one of our songs and some radio stations picked it up as well. So I left school and formed the band.

What's the message you guys want to transmit with your music? Lance: Well, I don't sit down and think about the messages really. My songs are really personal and they are all true stories about my life. So I hope people can find what they need in the songs and it brings them comfort or at least a feeling that they are not alone with these sort of thoughts and feelings.

What's your method at the time of writing a song? Lance: It's really organic and stream of consciousness. I will sometime just be singing a melody line in my head or have lyrics for one line or something. So I just sit down with my piano or my acoustic and I start figuring out chords that would go under what I am singing and the songs just kind of come. Most of our songs are written in an hour or two, all in one sitting.

What's the meaning of your latest album? Lance: We have a brand new EP coming out this summer with Yellow Fish Music Group in England called “Good and Bad Angels”. It basically explores the pitfalls of relationships and connections people make and break; just kind of how love is a double edged sword. And also how people influence you and pull you in different directions and affect your life.

What are your influences musically? Lance: My influences range from hip hop to folk to everything in between. I was just listening to the rapper Freeway's new mixtape today. But as far as influences I would say The Weakerthans, Bright Eyes, Dashboard Confessional, Bat for Lashes, Death Cab for Cutie and Frightened Rabbit just to name a few.

What do you guys do when you are not touring? Lance: We tour for about six months out of the year. So we basically live in a van or bus together all year. So when we are off touring we try to stay far away from each other! We all go decompress and see your families and friends for a while. Then we get together, work on new songs, record some, and then go back out on the road. I also own a boutique artist management and pr firm called The FOCOTheory Agency that keeps me pretty busy during our down time.

What plans do you guys have for the future? Lance: As far as immediate future we are going to be releasing “Good and Bad Angels” through Yellowfish Music Group in late summer. We will head out on a U.S. tour for it, and then we are heading to England in September. We are following that up with tours of Scotland, Ireland, Wales, France, Germany, Italy and hopefully Japan throughout the rest of 2010 and early 2011.


hey everyone, we had a GREAT tour of england, scotland, ireland and wales this spring. it followed about 5 months of touring the states beforehand. we just recorded our new ep "good and bad angels" which will be out on yellowfish music group in late summer, 2010.

Until then we are taking a much needed rest to enjoy our summer. we will be back to touring the states in aug and touring europe starting in sept!

see you all then!