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Ah! Winnipeg

Winnipeg has a lot of music for a city it's size. Manitoba as a province does so much for the artists that live here and those who visit. It's no wonder I've heard that Canada is one of the top countries in music.

A change of attitude

I wonder if other musical artists think, are they good enough? I wonder if all suffer or have suffered from stage fright which affects the performance greatly. "I sound so much better in my living room".Is what they say. I am so happy to say I am at the end of my stage fright.Each performance is becoming better than the last. This afternoon the audience ranged from early 20's to 80's and they all thanked me, I sold some CD's, After my show they asked three times for more songs. I'm looking forward to this evenings show. at Sam's place.

Recording going well

Finally recording my 2nd CD. Mostly songs written during the last year. I may just stick with my acoustic guitar. I seem to be playing a lot better then last year on my 1st CD. I'm recording "Tumbleweed" which never made the 1st CD. It's about Ghost towns that develop after main industry shuts down. In Canada often the next town is 100 miles away. " Last Ore Train" was written for a TVO documentary on the "People Patterns" series. It was aired many times across Canada. The only copy of the song was done live for the documentary. I'm finally recording it. I'm only putting 9 or 10 songs on the 2nd CD. I am very fortunate to be at a very prolific period in my life.. I started writing a song at a jam last Sunday.The host threw me a pen and paper and said "Write !" I have about 1/2 the songs for my 3rd CD...... I have enough other songs started for the other 1/2......Dan Ferchette from Winnipeg, said he would like to play on my new CD I Jammed with him when I was in Winnipeg. 2 months ago.

Time to record again

I love the way my style has evolved since 2009. Now my songs are upbeat still folk though, I love telling stories through my music. Now I deliver with more passion, it's as though my voice is the window to my soul. My songwriting is a reflection of what is transpiring in my life.

Finally Recording again

Well Xmas never Happened as far as recording, but I did write a lot. wrote my 1st xmas song.... I was missing my family...I'll have to have it ready for next xmas...... Feb 4th....Studio... D Day...Another snapshot of my music........


So I make a CD, cool, songs were cool at the time. Now I write new songs veering off in a different direction, Then still more songs in yet another direction. Gonna record them during xmas

Precious Things

Hey! Finished my debut CD. Hanging out in Winnipeg for awhile..... going where the wind blows......Writing... Last week at the Family cottage Co-wrote "Two Butterflies" with my sister. The song is really going over well here, Lots to do...... Ciao

"Nightlife" interview (part one) nov 18 2010

That's All Folks Local singer / songwriter Christine Bauer has several irons in the fire. Director Dan Johnson just shot a video for one of her songs, "Thinking of You," which should be out this week, and she's contributing to the soundtrack of one of his films. She's also recording a new CD at Misunderstudio (the working titles are Unplugged and Out of Nowhere) with a trio that includes multi-instrumentalist Gwen King (on ukulele, sax, clarinet, penny whistles, accordion, and back up vocals) and bassist James Ricks. The trio will perform Sunday, November 21 at Rustle Hill Winery. Bauer tells Nightlife that she wants the new disc "to sound like the three of us would sound on stage. My thoughts on this are, when a listener hears an artist live and buys their CD, takes the artist home in the CD form, prepares to enjoy them again, and they are greeted by total strangers they had never met, the experience is often unpleasant." "Musically, we are like three soulmates," Bauer says of the trio. "I am so lucky to have them in my musical life. There are absolutely no egos that revolve around our music." "I met Christine recently through Gwen King, with whom I share a performer's slot in Cabaret Decadance," Ricks tells Nightlife. "Christine had asked Gwen if she knew of any available upright players who would be open to trying out her material for a recording project. As Gwen doesn't really know my past musical transgressions, she felt that I might be a good candidate. So far, what I'm doing for Christine seems to be agreeable. "Ricks became a fixture on Carbondale's music scene back in the 1980s with pioneering hardcore band Diet Christ, and in the next decade with punkabilly band the Bottletones, among many others since then. "I knew [Bauer's] style isn't often associated with my past playing styles, but actually I've been a singer/songwriter fan for years-- I first started listening to Nanci Griffith, Townes Van Zandt, John Prine, and the like in high school."

"Nightlife" interview (part two) nov 18 2010

As with Ricks, King isn't well known for a folk-music side, but she's admired Bauer from the first listen. "'Thinking of You' was the first of Christine Bauer's songs that I ever heard, and I was very impressed with her performance," King says. "I hadn't listened to much music from the acoustic-folk and singer / songwriter genres, but I was very attracted to Christine's work. Then, seemingly out of the blue, Christine asked me to try playing my pennywhistle on an original song entitled 'Hermit of White Otter Lake.' My experiences with collaborative improvisation up until that point had been mostly jazz-related through Cabaret Decadance, so I was eager for the opportunity to explore other styles. Christine was pleased with what I came up with, and since then we've just been having a great time delving into her repertoire and experimenting with different instruments. I love being able to enhance the music's character and expression by choosing an accompanying instrument or vocal harmony to suit the song. From my biased point of view, adding an instrumentalist to the traditional folk/acoustic guitar and vocals gives the music a fuller and more distinctive sound. And everything's gotten so much richer now that James has brought his excellent bassmanship into the mix." "Besides the various instruments that Gwen brings, she has a good ear for music and also reads music and understands musical terms, so [she] is able to communicate quickly to James what I am attempting to say as far as [the] bass [parts] I want," says Bauer. "She understands my music and knows what would embellish the songs without taking away the soul of the song. "James is such a wonderful addition to the group," adds Bauer. "His sweet electric bass complements the music for an extremely full sound.... James also plays a strong standup bass with driving percussion and unique, mood-evoking sounds." The three have not yet decided to form a permanent group. As for King, "I intend to play and sing with Christine Bauer for the foreseeable future, whenever and wherever I can. Christine is always developing new music and writing new material, so I'm grateful for the chance to get involved in that process. And now that James is here, there's even more potential-- it's very exciting! I'm definitely hooked." Bauer, for her part, wants to keep the trio together-- Ricks says that Bauer asked them about band names when recording last weekend at Misunderstudio. "The three of us are very intense musicians and lose ourselves while playing," Bauer says. "They both love playing with my music, and I hope it will be a permanent thing-- for around this area, anyway.... I feel privileged to be playing with such great people. We revert to preadolescence during rehearsal-- it is absolute pure fun and wonderfully intense. Sometimes I can't believe there are only three of us."...

ORIENT LODGE Oct 11/2010 Aldon Hynes

Music Monday - Christine Bauer Submitted by Aldon Hynes on Mon, 10/11/2010 - 11:25 My regular readers will know that things that matter to me are story telling and conversations. Part of what I like about folk music are those times when the performer is on the stage, tuning their guitar and making small talk with the audience. It some of what I like about Christine Bauer. She has a great deep gravelly voice which she compliments with her guitar and harmonica playing. Readers will perhaps note that I like voices of people that sound like real people with real stories, and not some polished factory produced pop idol, and I really like it when they throw in a harmonica. She has a cover medley on her Sonic Bids Electronic Press Kit which has snippets of some great covers of some great songs. She also has a few of her own pieces, songs about relationships that didn’t work out and towns being abandoned. Her song, “You are Thunder” is particularly powerful. I don’t like comparing musicians to others, especially for someone incomparable like Christine. Instead, I like to think of the stories. When Joni Mitchell sings “A Case of You”, or “The Last Time I saw Richard”, or perhaps when the Indigo Girls sing about stopping at a bar at 3 AM in “Closer to Fine”, I imagine that the unrecognized musician on the stage to be someone like Christine Bauer. In terms of the story telling, it comes through in the messages we’ve sent back and forth. Christine Bauer’s musical talent is backed up by a strong ability to tell stories and join in a conversation. She doesn’t have a lot of upcoming gigs that I can find. She’ll be playing at the Unitarian Fellowship in Carbondale, IL on October 27 and then at the Rustle Hill Winery in Cobden, IL in November and December. Neither venue seems like those that Joni Mitchell or the Indigo Girls are singing about, but they should be good opportunities to hear this special singer songwriter.