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METAMORPHOBIC? – The Fear of Change and the obligation of Choice

“He who rejects change is the architect of decay. The only human institution which rejects progress is the cemetery.” – Harold Wilson The human being instinctively mistrusts Change. After having fought for centuries to secure his cave in the wilderness and to acquire his mate, primitive Man was probably not over the moon about the arrival of new and strange peoples from far off lands who might steal his woman and his hard-won resources. Human Institutions are similarly Metamorphobic, publicly affirming the necessity for advancement whilst privately sustaining many a status quo, with the whispering voices in hushed corridors repeating “if it ain’t broke…” Change is upon us. It is upon us now and always. It is the furnace that drives the engine of Evolution, and the mechanism by which our race evolves. Nature has Change interwoven into Her fabric. Seasons change, races change, oceans and planets and solar systems and Universes change. In fact, to give Change her due, the entire of existence is Truthfully one massive alteration: from a mathematically nonsensical singularity to a scientifically translateable Universe. Change is a fundamental law of the Universe. And yet much of Humanity is fundamentally opposed to Change. The Religions of the World are constantly resisting the pull of the future, attempting to decode a Universe without the tools of science, and within the frameworks of centuries old tomes. Politicians across the globe, terrified to upset a delicate imbalance, watch frustratedly as the ice caps melt and the skies turn more ashen with each passing annum. The corporations of the world refuse to adapt to a heating planet, preferring to Ostrich-exist, heads in sand and profits still a-climbing. And even our humble selves, trapped as we all are in certain circumstances we would prefer not to have, fear to get up from the couch, to visit the library, to take that Spanish course, to leave our husband, to marry our woman. So where does that leave us? What does it tell us? Simply put, Change is not an option. One may ride its waves or be buried, Atlantis-like, beneath them. We may not stop them. So: the answer? The trick is to learn how best to USE it to one’s advantage. For example: a good many of today’s religious leaders are, rather than rejecting the teachings of the sciences, incorporating them more and more into their own belief structures. Accordingly, a larger section of the scientific community (the plethora of pseudoscience notwithstanding) is focusing more than ever on the actual meaning of their findings, rather than the cold hardness of the mere facts. A handful of the braver politicians now understand that popular opinion should be nobly led from the front lines rather than pandered to; and thus we see more of them speaking practically on climate change. When the ChangeWinds pick up, the wise thing to do is hoist the sails. When the waves of Evolution intensify, then paddle like a madman and prepare to life-surf your knuckles off. Next time you feel the cold shadow and Terror of some impending alteration to your established way of doing things, just consider from whence you and your own Kin actually came: Big Bang -- Single Cell -- Sea-based lifeform -- Land-based Primate -- Human We are in fact the Kings and Queens of Metamorphosis, the Changelings of the Cosmos. In which case, when those winds blow strong, when that wave rides high, enjoy it; embrace it; and make it work for you by choosing the course you believe will profit you the best. Stephen “TALENT” Brocklehurst

BEYOND TALENT and Tradetionships

Some of you may know to whom I refer. It matters not. During a marathon 3 hour lunch, we came to verbal blows over several controversial topics, most of which I shall not expand upon here. However, one of them was the notion of relationships as Trades. "Tradetionships". There are at least two people in a relationship, both of whom get something out of the relationship. We both knew what he got out of the Friendship, (this word doesn't describe it sufficiently...I prefer Familyhood or Friendfleet...one ship doesn't cover it), but the question on the table was, What Did I get out of the Trade? So I told him. And I've been asked this question before, either in this form, or in the "What Drives People Like You to Work a 60 Hour Week blah blah plus E$c0rting blah blah plus making music and film blah blah...and more importantly, why do we never see you???" So here goes. There is another meaning to Beyond Talent. Which is this. Film is often cited as being someone's favourite art form because of how collaborative it is. This is a fact. All the film, music, poetry, scripts, characters, music videos, and docu- or Rocku- or Brockumentaries I have made were done for a reason. They are works of love, built to communicate the one feeling I get when I look at the other members of what I call the BTX. That feeling is that there is something positive, something good, something right, something vastly inspirational, something genuine, something honest, something True there, that is so immense that is has to be communicated, so that anyone might look at it and be inspired to do great things, and think things like: - of course I can stand on the moon - of course colour / creed / gender do not matter, in the Grand Scheme of Things - of course I can fly across the Channel with a Wingpack But in order to think these things, or to make, say, Everyman, it takes more than one humble person. So all my work is in fact, Beyond Talent. It is more than I could take credit for alone. In a way, it is the work of everyone I have ever known and loved. So I just thought you might like to know that. Since you are one of them. And therefore partly the reason I do what I do. In other words, the other side of the trade, is that, as any artist will tell you, we must have Vision. To see things with our Imaginationality that others may not. I have been privileged to see the most glorious things (NOT just at night), the most amazing and stupefying sights, the most incredible images and imaginings, that I have ever even heard of. It is thanks to you that I have seen them. And, as one of the Flag Bearers (thank you, Merlin) for the movement, whether you know it or not, I am YOUR single biggest fan, and most passionate Flag Bearer. I'll hear no one talk shit about you. Unless, of course, it's me. ;) Your boy forever and now Talent


Senores y Senoritas The Truth is often said to be impossible for human beings to grasp. This, like all things, is subject to opinion. On occasion, through revelation, or epiphany, or religious experience, or drug usage, people are said to "see a bit of Truth". Well, without any of the above, I saw some on Friday night. To have your friends, to have your colleagues, to have your fellow artists, to have your family, to have your Inner Circle with you, those people for whom you have such love, of such profundity and intensity that they will NEVER know, that they will NEVER understand; to have them there in a place your Friend owns and runs, to have them there in celebration, of music and film and those things we prize and cherish above all others, to have them for once United in purpose and United in vibe, makes you feel like you are so lucky that you for a split second glimpse Paradise. - This is what it is, not just for me, but for you too, to be Lucky. - We live in the Western World. - We are not afflicted by Hunger or Poverty or War or Famine. - We are not imprisoned nor enslaved. - We are relatively comfortable and free. - To have the above experience, to see the faces of those we love at the front of a crowd, singing the same words, from the same hymnsheet, to the same music, was a humbling experience. And I thank you for it. This, to anyone who cares, is the fire that fuels my engine. The furnace that powers my toil. The reason I do what I do. And why lots of us do what we do. All my best Your boy Talent


Beyond Talentinos and Talentinettes The weekend just gone was a weekend of firsts. The early part of it saw an unnamed member of the Beyond Talent out with 4 Vikings in King's Cross, on a 12 hour bender, which saw every form of debauchery conceivable. Rumour has it he got to sleep on Friday afternoon and woke up in May. Not good. It then saw BTX members Talent and Metis tag team their first joint track, the soon-to-be-performed "Lifeaholism", which is Talent's second ever beat after Lost Tribe. Metis was then booked to judge a rap battle contest over in Shoreditch on the Sunday, and somehow due to factors still beyond his understanding, Talent was volunteered to take part in his first ever rap battle, with zero preparation, and several alien and possibly not-quite-legal substances flowing through his veins. After freestyling his way through three rounds, the judges deemed his opponent (Conquest - good performance hombre) to have won the overall. Which leaves The BTX 0-2 in rap battles, which I shall address PERSONALLY at the next one. However. In a loss such as this, as some of you may know, there is still Victory. As anyone who has stepped into the squared circle will tell you, the first fight is the hardest. And, as with all things, you are likely to get your ass handed to you several times before you start chalking up the victories. Having the courage and the fortitude to step in the ring in the first place is a victory in itself. This is Lifeaholism. Addiction to Life, who is the greatest woman of them all (all the best things in Life are She's...ships planes trains and automobiles...didn't ya know?). Dare to live, to step into the ring, to be MORE than those around you, to attempt the exceptional, and you become the exceptional. And if you are going to fail, take it from your blue-eyed boy, do it BIG, and go down in flames. Because, as the wise man said, This Too Will Pass, and you will stand tall again. Yours, Now and Always Talent


Humankind is an ambitious beast. We cannot gaze at the sky without wanting to soar through it. We cannot observe the moon without wanting to stand upon it. So it has always been. Success is one of those things for which we all strive. No one wants to be branded "a failure". And yet, bizarrely, the notion of Failure has become cripplingly terrifying. This is bizarre because the greatest of successes DEMANDS not only one failure, but many. Proof? Suppose you take up boxing. Are you going to win your first bout? Odds are, no you are not. You are going to get your face smashed in. Will you win the second? The third? Unlikely. You might get beaten many times in a row, until you have learned enough and practised enough to hold sufficient confidence that you may successfully defend your Self. In this way, Success DEPENDS upon Failures. And, Truth Spoken, a lost bout is NOT a failure. It is simply a painful lesson. So, if you wish to ultimately succeed, you had best prepare first to lose. Stepping into the ring AT ALL is victory enough. If you lose the bout, do so in a blaze of glory. WHY IS IT WORTH IT? AND IS IT WORTH IT? Here we bring in the concept of THE VIEW. THE VIEW is what we all experience from an elevated position. It's tough to enjoy a good view when you are on the Underground. And in general, the higher we climb, the better the View. The problem is, the higher we climb, the more frightening the height becomes and the less air there is to breathe, and the greater the risk of one ALMIGHTY fall. But to appreciate how far you have come, you have to get higher up the LifeMountain. To look back at one's point of origin, examine the distance travelled, and therein glean that Fiercesome Joy that comes with Success. The Pinnacle is the goal. But the climb is what makes it worth it. Talent


It is a familiar phrase. "To be in the Zone". We've all heard it. But the question is, what does it MEAN, and how do we mere mortals access it and control it? To answer this, we need to look at a familiar figure and decipher how they have achieved it. So let us take the Giants of the sporting world. Two in particular. Michael Jordan and Pete Sampras - two of the greatest if not THE greatest of their respective sports. When on the court, either man not only made the impossible possible, but also managed the equally impressive feat of making it look comparatively easy. It seemed less that they were IN the zone, than that they OWNED it. The Zone is nigh on impossible to define, but in its simplest terms we can understand it like this: - that mental and physical state in which we operate at our best - that mindset and bodyform in which the mind is almost on automatic, and only fully engages when required to do something extraordinary. Take driving as an example. Your body becomes so used to the car, to its dimensions and workings, that much of the activity is conducted on automatic pilot. The mind only ACTIVELY engages when a threat appears, or when a sudden occurrence raises its head. Otherwise, as is often the case, people drive from A to B on a familiar route without really being fully aware of what they do. And so the first necessity in regards to achieving such a state, is that of PRACTICE. And not just "some practice", but sufficient that the mastery of one's art is achieved or within reach. CALMNESS and PEACE are also constructive. Since few of us can reach the core of the zone with rage or fury in our heart, though some people do prove the exception to such a rule; the at-his-best Mike Tyson being a perfect example. But what does it MEAN to be in the Zone? What state are we even trying to achieve? There are natural rhythms and flows all around us. Whether it be ambient noise, music, human speech, we are constantly bombarded with the wavelengths of the Universe. Whether it be on a tennis court, a basketball court, in the office, in bed, or in mid-conversation, being in the Zone is where we are aligned as much as possible with the freequencies around us. It is where we are flowing naturally with the pulse of our surroundings, which brings out our natural best, allowing us to flow with our task at hand and give our all to it. Wherein our mind is almost on automatic, until it is called upon for some extraordinary feat. So - observe: Pete Sampras in any of the many finals retrieve an impossible shot from the baseline, and from the jaws of defeat snatch victory as the ball screams past his stunned opponent. Observe: Jordan take to the air, thoughtless, body on overdrive, almost flying, then to slam the ball through the hoop and land, poised and ready to go immediately. Observe: Tyson in his excellent Prime, assault an opponent so unconsciously yet so ferociously that their demise seems imminent, rather than in question. Buddhists seek a certain kind of Zone via meditation and yoga. The Samurai believed that mastery of the blade, mastery of the martial arts, and mastery of the Self, led to such a state of being that one could always be at one's best, even though perfection remained eternally beyond one's reach. The Zone is you at your very best, and this requires also: - Discipline - Persistence, and most of all - Focus The concentration of one's efforts and will and spirit into the manifestation of one's vision. So, first of all, picture that which you desire. Then visualise yourself doing it / achieving it. Then ACT upon your vision, and, in so doing, the only real Magic that exists, will come to you on its own. Your Blue Eyed Boy Talent

MUSIC is...

Music is... ...the sound of love and the love of sound. Music is sound through love and love THROUGH sound. It is chords and notes and bars and art, transmitted like magic through the air in bars and on notes. Music is the speech of God. Music is the God of Speech. Music is the prayers of blasphemy. Music is the answer to the question "What is the Question?". Music is having sex in church, and music is also the lack of original sin in the church of a woman's womb. Music is what children speak before they learn words. Music is that which I love obsessively, meanly, purely, honestly, deceptively, in every way possible. Music is a woman I wish to marry NOW. Music is the taste of the spirit. It is the sound of the appearance of ecstasy, riveting through ones bones and heart like a road drill rattles through your teeth. Music is the because to the why. Music is the beauty spot on the ugly reflection I see in the mirror. Music is why Gothicism is fascinating not black. Music is why urban grime and hip hop are Artforms and not Crimespeak. Music is why Housemusic is transcendental not send-you-mental. Music is pervasive throughout the Universe, since the Universe has a frequency. Music is the fact that you are a note, and I am a note, and together we make a chord when we are IN accord. Music is that-which-has-always-been. Music is the slang through which even the mute may speak with the eloquency of The Divine. Music is what unites you Knights. Music is WHO I AM. Your Blue Eyed Boy Talent

From Talent to You - Part 2

IMMORTALENTED is what you are. You are to be made Immortal, if you dare it, by your Talent. Your writings, your kicks, your recordings, your policies, your designs, your speeches, your DVDs, your skills and abilities, the difference you make to the world, the Galaxy, an elderly lady carrying her heavy suitcase, all these are your signature upon existence. Be careful what kind of signature you leave. Your Talent will make you Immortal. As will your children - the ultimate mark of a human being’s Imperviousness to the long black night. How is this possible? How do you bring out your gift? How to unlock one’s ImmorTalent? Why do I believe this, or how do I know this to be true? Hear this: the answer is Omnipotentiality. Omnipotentiality = Omnipotence + Potentialtity Omnipotence is a word you have, historically, previously ascribed to your gods. This was an error. No one knows if any of these beings exist. There is no proof, no reason to hold faith that is sufficiently compelling as to convince an entire race of their existence. You should perhaps have ascribed it to your Self. You are all-powerful. You are capable of anything. The sky is most definitely NOT the limit. You alone in the Universe may explain ALL things by way of science and assessment, intuition and discovery. You alone in the Universe have an infinite imagination and unlimited potential. You alone may save your world. Anything, and therefore also everything, is possible. Don’t believe me? Heh. Don’t wanna chase your dream of being a professional basketballer? Too scared to risk being the politician who makes it all better? Too hard to be the actor you have always dreamed of being? The odds and the Gods all stacked against you? No chance? Listen to me. Walk outside your home, out onto the soil of your planet under the vault of your sky. Permit the Sun to set. Look up. You see that pearl? You see that orb in the sky like the eye of the Creator? You see your Moon? Men have stood upon that. Before you were born. On computers less powerful than your i-pod. Everything. Is. Possible. If you believe this, if you know this, and live by it. You may unlock your potential. My name is Talent. I live and breathe and dance and rage inside you. I demand my freedom. I demand my freedom through your genius and victory. I shall make contact again, should this vessel survive the first leg of the journey. Throw me a smile and a 3D T if you see me. Talent PS – And to all you haters and doubters; to you people who prey upon the weak, to you who go green eyed when your friends and family are trying to do something exceptional; to you who accept mediocrity as the norm; to you blaggarts and politicians who think we exist to safekeep your power, rather than that you exist to keep us safe; to you maniacs with C4 and you who live in the shadows; to you who shrug off the plight of our impoverished and our incarcerated, know this… …I am coming for you…

From Talent to you - Part 1

Hey. Hello. Bonjour. Hola. Guten Tag. My name is Talent. I live inside you as much as I live inside the man, the vessel I am currently using to write this message. I am as much you as I am him. In fact, both sentences mean one and the same. We are all entangled. No one really knows much about me, so I shall endeavour to enlighten your race. I am innate ability, by definition, or I am people WITH innate ability. I hail from the mist-cloaked peaks of the lost, intangible worlds of the ImagiNation, that holiest place that exists in parts unknown, that men once called Atlantis, or Asgard, or the fiery dreamforges of Vulcan. I can be neither seen nor touched, like Dark Matter, and my existence is only perceived, as is the wind’s – when I move other objects or blow across a room full of people, and you see the effects of which I am capable, you know I am there. In truth, I am little more than a spark. A cinder. A tiny flame. My purpose is to ignite things, and set whole realms ablaze. I am that moment when your body grasps how to blast the ball past the keeper before your mind even knows you know it. I am Galileo daring to tell a whole civilisation it is incorrect. I was Boris Becker winning Wimbledon at 17 years old, and I was also Pete Sampras winning it 7 times. I am a repetition in Martin Luther King’s speech. I am the unshackling of a sore wrist on a cotton plantation. I am a document upholding freedom and liberty. I am Neil Armstrong daring the inconceivable to stand upon the moon. I am the victory of Oprah Winfrey. I am Muhammed Ali accepting a 12 round beating, and then defeating by knockout the most feared man on the planet. I am a cowboy who draws quicker than he speaks. I am a child throwing his first hail mary pass as a talent scout passes the field, whistling to himself “that kid’s got a gift”. I am you. Which means you are all these things too. Which means everything is everything. Which means I am you are me are we. So the only two sentences I have to say of any importance are these: First and foremost that anything, in fact everything, is possible. And secondly that I love you with a ferocity that sabre-tooth tigers would be jealous of. I am your biggest fan. I course through your veins. I may not exist without you. You created me.

Chat Up Line - Work In Progress

FBookChatUpLine "I had to come up to you Under the visual fire of others, Cause the very sight of you Is a challenge to my courage, But (and it's important that you know this) I'm above it. The Name's Talent, And it's a real pleasure to meet you, It'd be an even greater pleasure To emotionally reach you, And teach you physical ways Of feeling amazed You've never conceived, too; I beseech you, You sexy a$$ creature, I'd call you beauty unequalled But that's like referring to the great Pacific Oceans as merely a "water feature"... And don't be offended If I wanna win the world's first platinum medal For nocturnal olympics, Cause in the bedroom it's a war, Carpet burns from on the floor, Your thoughts are raw As the rug is sore, Wake the neighbours down the hall From gasps against the wall Nearly break a nail, claw The paper off the wall, Prehistorically primal Sex so important it's a method Of survival... Spitting spoken words in body language You're near anguish Till you rise and flourish So high and nouished You just can't wait to fall... Cause the fact is... You KNOW that you're attractive; You may make other dude's knees weak But a beautful woman with Nothing to say loses Her beauty the moment she speaks. But if your interior, Matches your exterior, Or God willing is superior, Then I'm here and near, So won't miss you, miss, Cause the language of electricity Will persist while we kiss, Even mentally. Cause all the best things in life are shes, Ships, planes, trains, oceans and automobiles. Cause it’s in the seed of womanhood That churchmen find their doom, There is no original sin Within the church of a woman’s womb, Cause this lunacy Is opportunity Knocking, but is your light on? Cause if not…? Just like that… *Phfew* (wind sound) He’s gone…”