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whirlwind of faces clicking intermittingly on these social scenes notes broken into digi-morsel acoustic consumption greed I savor tiny bites of your worlds i caress your polished masks with hungry eyes like an alien i wander like a sentinel in the desert I wait like a firefly i glow. "Why Can't I Be You" like Robert I sing


Back on the road. It's been a long haul without live performances. Recording "Torn in the USA" has been fun, challenge, discovery and hard work. Aldo and I spent months polishing, refining and defining it. Now that it's out there I want people to know it, to feel the energy that lies in it. I'm ready. I'm back on the road.

Life on the East Coast

spring is finally here! buds, flowers, birds chirping, students partying, that inebriating smell in the air. I feel coming back to life again. Working on the new album. defining who I am once more...