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Official track listing for our debut album, The Blood March!!!

The Blood March

1. To the Victor... (2:20) 2. The March of the Guillotine (The Blood March) (6:00) 3. Alas, The Awakening (7:00+) 4. Earth's Final Solstice (6:30) 5. The Plague Knows No Prejudice (4:00+) 6. Conversing the Guillotine ( 6:00+) 7. Death's Sentence (6:00+) 8. A Lesson Forever Undone (2:30) 9. To Death! To Hell! (5:00) 10. On the Day That Sets Us Free (11:30)

*All times are currently estimated, before final mix and master sessions*

"The Blood March" comes to your town March 4th!!! More info to come soon!!!


Friends!!! It has been way too long good people!!! Happy belated giftmas... we hope you got everything you wanted, but also hope you saved a few bucks to, perhaps, purchase our full length album that is hitting shelves on March 4th!!!

That being said... here is an update on what we have been up to!!! As was stated in the paragraph above, we have been so incredibly hard at work on our debut full length album. The album "The Blood March," will be 10 songs, and over an hour of music long. The album is conceptual in nature, and looks at the human existence, from conception to extinction. It follows a story line of a philosopher from the 1200's who carries secrets of the earth, and is a soothe sayer of sorts as he teaches his ideals of reason and logic to an uneducated dark age society. From there... you will have to tune in at a later date to uncover the rest of the story line!!!

We chose the date March Fourth... because well, it is sick and badass... think about it MARCH FOURTH MARCH FORTH THE BLOOD MARCH. Awww snap!!! :D haha

Our cd release show will be on the same day, March 4th, at Peabody's in Cleveland, Ohio, and will be free for all to attend.

We will be selling our albums in the physical form at our shows, through our online store, as well as, several local record stores. We will also be selling our album digitally through Itunes and several other sources!

We currently have 7 of the 10 songs done, musically, and will be moving on to vocals, and the rest of the guitars over the next few weeks!!! It is sounding huge, and we cannot wait to share it with you all!!!!

Also, we will soon have a new layout, a new website, etc. Coinciding with that, we will be starting a new street team/friend group called "The Blood March" (original huh? haha) for individuals to help us spread our music to the masses!!! If you join, you will be offered a ton of perks, and we will keep you abreast as we proceed!!!

Let's see... what else... New merch will be available at our cd release... special cd release shirts will be made in limited edition for the show, so show up early and be prepared for madness!!!

Tune in again... later this week for a sneak peak at the album art, as well as, a complete track listing!!! BONERS!!! See all of you dudes soon!!!!!!!! Cannot wait!

Goodnight comrades, Jeremy - TA&TE

Hello Reverbnation!

Hi friends, fans, and neighbors!

We're so pumped to be a part of Reverbnation and everything this site has to offer! Please take a moment to become a fan of our page and sign up for our mailing list to be updated on all the exciting news happening with The Approach & The Execution!

Right now we are working on our new EP which will be released on August 21st! We're real excited about the new tracks that we'll be putting out and can't wait to share them with you all!

In other news, we will have a new member in the band in the very near future here since Brit has decided to pursue other adventures! So keep checking back for updates there!

That's all I have for now because it's 1:30am and I'm tired! So peace out girl scouts and we'll see you all at a show near you soon!