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Why I disagree with Gov. Pence.

The question I have to ask myself concerning Christianity is this... Why would I not take every opportunity to truly demonstrate, by my example, the message Jesus did; rather than a sanctimonious one filled with righteous indignation toward the world? Jesus was never squeamish about being around those who did not know Him. If a gay couple were to ask you to have a party in your establishment wouldn't this be a wonderful opportunity for you to exhibit the love of Jesus, rather than the indignation of the Pharisees? Jesus hung out with the publicans and other sinful folk and the religious folks were upset by it, proving the reality that they really didn't know Him either. Unlike other faiths you have an opportunity to show that you are not trying to make unbelievers act like you. Your only message to unbelievers should be "believe", it should not be "act like me." Why is it we are not willing to let God change people? You will NEVER impress the world with your stance. You will, however, compel them with your example Christ. Do you think for one minute Jesus was dismayed by the woman at the well and her circumstance? His message was clear to those who brought her to Him.

Merciful reciprocity...

I have made mistakes in my life... I am sure you have too! Some of the scars connected with these mistakes I will most likely carry to my grave. But I was reading my bible recently and came across a scripture that really gave me hope. It is not without requirement mind you, but it does have great merit! The scripture is nestled inside Jesus' first public proclamation widely known as the Sermon in the Mount. Jesus simply says these words that are recorded in Matthews 5:7... "Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy." There it is... no doctrine, but just a simple message saying if you want people, the world, the universe, and your creator to give you a break, start giving others the same consideration. I am amazed at how hard we are on others but totally expect to be given every consideration. Showing a little mercy is something that can change the world! How about it? Let's cut each other some slack! Maybe the next time you need a mistake erased hopefully you have stored up some mercy chips you will be able to cash in.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes

I was sincerely touched and blessed by the birthday wishes from all of my friends... It is something I did not expect nor do I take lightly. I would like to express my gratitude to each and everyone of you, along with a prayer that God will be with each of you right where each of you are at this very moment. XOXO and God bless you all!!!

Phase two

What we learn very quickly as artists is that what comes easiest for most us is the music process. The writing and recording of music, though difficult, is what we are built to do. It is the second phase of the music process that we are not prepared for. That second phase is the marketing and promotion of ourselves and the music we create. This part does not come naturally but is every bit as important as the music is.

With the advent of internet marketing and all of the tools that are now available to us such as Facebook, Revernation, yes even Myspace we are more empowered than ever before. It requires as much creativity in this area as it does on the music side. However, a different part of the brain needs to be utilized in order to be truly successful in phase two. It requires persistence, dedication, and a never say die attitude to achieve our goals. My goal is to learn to be as focused, determined, and creative in marketing as I am in music. Becoming the total package is the ultimate objective. See you at the top!

Divine Lifestyle Podcase

This is an interview with Talein of Divine Lifestyle.


A new year and a renewed focus

With all of the tools that are available to us as artists via the internet, I believe that this is going to be an amazing year for independent artists the world over. In fact, I am willing to say that the sky is the limit. If you have the persistence and focused dedication you can make it happen. I will be utilizing ReverbNation, and every other outlet available to me in order to get my point across to the masses. It has been said and re-said that knowledge is power... well the name of the game this year is gaining knowledge on how to increase fan-base. Happy New Year to everyone. I pray this year is truly a blessed one for us all!