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XFactor australia

Hi everyone Auditioned for Xfactor australia and got through the first 2 auditions - awaiting word for Melbourne - top 100! Fingers crossed. Being interviewed live on Phoenix FM Bendigo tonight 7.15pm EST or 5.15pm Perth time..... you can listen in on the following links... http://s4.viastreaming.net:7040/listen.pls Or Windows Media player use http://s4.viastreaming.net/7040/listen.asx

New Song Uploaded

Hi everyone - I just uploaded a new song I wrote the other day ... be kind ... I recorded it through my headset mike on my computers.. doesnt sound the best but you will get the gist of it...


Hi everyone - there is some confusion over my song "Country Yodeling Hoedown Girl". Yes I have sold the DIGITAL rights to the song - you can still hear it on my site but you cannot BUY it. By the terms of the contract I can still have the song on a compilation CD but I cannot sell it digitally online. Hope that clears up the confusion..... sorry about that

Recording offers..

Hi everyone. Many thanks to those who have written and asked me to cover their original songs. I am very flattered and only to happy to have a listen and maybe continue from there. Have been impressed by a lot of the original music I am being sent and just keep them coming..... I will consider all of them and let you know asap!!

Radio Play

Hi everyone - thanks to Phoenix FM for playing my songs on some of their shows. You can tune in on

For ITunes or Win amp use http://s4.viastreaming.net:7040/listen.pls Windows Media player use http://s4.viastreaming.net/7040/listen.asx


Hi everyone - all my new friends around the world - thankyou so much for sharing your music with me too and thanks for becoming my fan.

I am so blessed....


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