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Valentines Day Guide for the Mere Male


Mothers Day............

Being a mother is the most rewarding, frustrating, fun, exhausting job in the world. Today I stood in church and I reflected on my mothering and cried tears of guilt and joy...

guilt tears for things I perceive that I have failed in as a mother....not listening to the kids, not spending enough time with them, worrying about how tidy their rooms are rather than how they were feeling. Im sure mothers all over the world know what I mean when I say "guilt tears".

Then there were my tears of pure joy - holding them in my arms and looking at their beautiful faces for the very first time, being there to share their achievements.... so many things.

I cried tears because my Mum is a few thousand miles away nursing my Dad after a horrible accident 2 months ago and tears for my mother-in-law who passed away nearly a year ago - my tears were for my husband who cant look at his mums face anymore.......

I know a lot of people will relate to some part of what I have said here........

Then, after church, we came back to our house and I did a big english roast beef lunch and while eating I just listened to everyone talking over each other, the grandkids chatting, the laughter... and realised - hey I havent failed at all!! The ups and the downs were all worth it............

Happy mothers day all you mums out there...........

TV appearances, radio interviews, Guest spots.....

Hi everyone - thanks for tuning in. Heaps happening in my music world at the mo. TV appearances on "The Couch" (Foxtel Aurora Channel), Radio interviews around the globe and taking bookings for guest spots at different events around WA.... all very exciting and keeping me on my toes. Not much time for songwriting but am looking at a new keyboard and hope to get back into that soon!!

Radio Interviews

Radio interviews 7th and 8th November

Bollywood here I come,,,

Thanks to all that voted for me in the ArtistAloud competition. I won by a few votes and now my single - Country Yodeling Hoedown Girl - will be released by Universal Music and I get to perform it in a Bollywood movie! Dont know all the details yet but it sure is exciting.

Thanks again everyone....



I have a shot at recording with Universal Music. Please visit this site = you can vote as many times as you like. I need as many votes as I can .... if you have a spare minute or two can you give me a vote or two or three. Thanks

Hi Friends, Family, Fans and other Artists

Radio interviews coming in thick and fast - will let you know when and where. Awaiting news on reaching the next stage of the Australian Songwriting Association Awards - I am on the short list in the Country music section and have a shot at taking the coveted song of the year award across all genres. Indian website launches on 1st September - have finally submitted my video for that one. These are the people who bought the digital rights to my "Country Yodeling Hoedown Girl" song....

All genres - climbing

3rd in perth all genres and 29 in Australia all genres

Thanks Everyone

Hi everyone - just wanted to say thankyou everyone for all your support and good wishes. Things are really happening for me and I dont seem to have enough hours in the day!!