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Touchdown Sweden

Yeey! We're back at the precinct! 5 shows in four days in Holland Belgium! We met a lot of new friends and old friends! Guess we're coming back soon! And now for the Swedish crowd... next gig's in Blomstermåla. Was oooop with thaaaat?

Mini tour

Aight! We're off to Belgium and Holland 5 gigs in four days!!! Sept 15-18. Anyone around? Take a look at our "shows" to see tour schedule! Do it!

Peace & Love

Borlänge... hometown of Swedens largest festival... Peace & Love. Great gig at Liljan!. Lots of security. Strange... In the town of peace & Love. W'sup with that? Anyway.. Next up is tour in Belgium and Holland. Surfing Airline makes it happen! Cheers!

Let's get a roof!

Last gig outdoors for this season is done! (Yes it's getting cold here in Sweden) So we guess that next gig outdoors will be sometime in May next year. (F.....g long winter we have here) But we leaving Sweden for a week in September.We're off to Belgium and Holland. Guess it's a little bit more warmer there!? Anyway... next gig in Sweden is in the town of the Peace & Love festival... Borlänge! A club called "Liljan" See ya there!


So wrong! Just so you know... There is a big difference between drag show and drag racing. Tomorrow we play at a drag racing event! So no men dressed as women! Darn! But anyway... Fun!


This week they play us on radio every day on Radio Dalarna P4 at 5.30 pm. It's from the show we did at Falukalaset June 18 this summer. They play about two songs every day. So nice of them!

Crowded house

The house was crowded at last nights show in Engesberg outside Gävle, hometown of Officer Mike!. He had a very good looking family! One of this years best shows! Top 5! Nextr is Saturday in Dala-Järna. Marie Memorial Dragracing is the name of the event. Probably the last show outdoors this year. Winter's comin in quickly in the north! Looking sooo much forward to the Belgium/Holland tour in September. Surfing Airline is the shit! Thank you!


Yeey! We're performing in Officer Mikes hometown this weekend! Wonder how his family look like! Must be a handsome bunch! Hope the other officers agree! =) Showplace: Engesbergs Herrgård, Gävle. See ya!


Finally! We're number 1 on the ReverbNation Rock charts for Sundborn, SE. www.reverbnation.com/flatfoot Thanks to all of you! We are so happy! See you all out there! Flat Foot

Country Music Awards

Yeey! We're in the finals of Swedish Country Music Awards. (The rockabilly section) It's the last/first weekend of Sept/Oct at Högfjällshotellet in Sälen. Three days with lots of root music. Country, bluegrass, alternative, rockabilly etc. Come and show some support! Yiihaaaw!