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How to become a famous "STAR" 2nd. Draft Develop your "IT" quality.

A brief step by step How to become A Star; raise your fame status & achieve your rewards, you owe it to yourself what are you waiting for; the moment is Now. So you want to be a Star?

First of all, guidance counselors don't consider "Hollywood star" a career choice - so don't ask. There is no place to apply. There is no job called "Hollywood star" at the job fair - not anymore, at least. In the classical era of Hollywood, big studio executives found beautiful young people, gave them a persona and promoted them as stars - but those days are long gone. Fame can be fleeting, but it can also be a magical experience for the person in the spotlight. Whether walking the red carpet, publishing in respected and influential magazines or taking a place in the record books, becoming famous requires patience and strategy

step 1

Find and hone your talent. Famous actors, writers, physicists and explorers all discovered their passion and spent time developing it. Send an audition tape to a reality show. Post your talents online at popular websites like You Tube and Myspace.

Step 2

Produce groundbreaking advances in your field. Attract attention by exceeding expectations of judges in your area of expertise. If you have natural talent in your chosen field, continue to further your knowledge. Take classes and apply to the most respected and prestigious programs.

Step 3

Break the record of the person who is the highest record holder in your arena. Conquer something previously thought unconquerable—mountains and long-distance flights. Set a goal and overcome it. Succeed and there's a good chance to be remembered by historians or "Guinness Book of World Records" for years.

Step 4

Do something completely outside the norm. Give up a six-figure job to volunteer in the Andes or devote yourself to living the life of a character you are playing in a film. Massive shifts in behavior or lifestyle garner attention. Take calculated risks.

Step 5

Position yourself to be noticed. Move to a big city and gain more opportunities to tap into the national market. Obtain as much information about your industry and apply it. Dare to audition for the role, if you are an actor, or offer television producers your services as an expert panelist for a call-in news program.

Step 6

Work it. Wherever you go, act like someone who should be noticed. Even if you aren't famous yet, people notice confidence. Use that small amount of notoriety to take your fame to the next level.

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