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Our Daily Dread & Castro's EP

With "The Sharkman Cometh" coming out in the near future, we are happy to announce within the next couple of weeks both "Our Daily Dread" and "Castro's E.P." will be available on iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Last.FM, Napster, Rhapsody/Real, Spotify, Zune, and more! Now, we assume most of you got your free a copy or free download of ODD, because we (are stupid) totally rule and gave that shit away for the first six months or so of it's release - but we KNOW there were maybe a mere couple hundred copies of Castro's E.P. ever made, and at least half of them are ruined from being used as beer coasters every weekend. So, why not add that to your collection? Making Castro's EP was a hell of a good time. We were a brand new band, and we decided that we wouldn't play a single show until we had a good recording. So for about the first six months as a band we wrote, rehearsed, got shitfaced, bought thousands and thousands of dollars worth of gear (credit rules!), got in fights with rehearsal space landlords, wrote some more, had some near-death experiences – it was a good time. As a result of this, when we actually did start playing shows, we were already tight as fuck. Thus making us rule harder than most expected. Anyway, we made the EP at Studio Evil in St. Paul, technically a “basement” studio - but probably one of the nicest and best equipped in the metro, a really great place to get going as a band and we highly recommend it. The first night Jon got so drunk he passed out next to the drums. One of the songs “Sober Joe” required us to bring in a lot of instruments we don’t normally use, including lugging a huge organ (like my dick) down the basement stairs. On top of the organ, we figured out how to play and write parts on trumpet, mandolin and accordion, too. It came out fucking epic. So that’s all for now, tracking is going well. Jon finds out soon how much longer he as to wait until he’s allowed to sing and scream again and then vocal tracking will begin. We’ll be sure to include all the links to where you can get your filthy paws on the full Infidels catalogue as soon as it’s available!