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Year in Review

So the year started out with Absence of Worry being an after thought. All five members didnt even speak to each other. Until Shawn posted a facebook status explaining that he missed singing, and it blossomed into what it is today from there. The original four members got together and put aside thier differences and decided to get started. AOW then grabbed a new bassist in Hot Tub and from there AOW was complete. Although we experimented with a rapper (Cal) and that failed, we have continued to grow strong. We went from playing Open Mic nights at Capn's Corner and The Cherrywood, Opening at the Trocadero for East of Anything, to Headlining our own shows at North Star, Mojo 13 and Seven@Seven. We have seen our fanbase grow from just a few people, to over 100 people who came out in support of AOW at the trocadero. Most recently we have been playing monthly shows in National Park at Parke Place and that helped us raise money to record our very first Album. "Life on Display" was what we titled the CD, and we are thrilled to know we have our own cd. We will end out the year playing for Radio104.5 and Seven@Seven at Taylors Bar and Grille on 12.17 and we will be closing out the year on 12.26 at Savage Rock School. With the new year approaching we are looking forward to new and improved AOW. We will be getting new merchandise, and we will be looking to record a full legnth cd. But to start off the new year we are headlining our own show at the Trocadero on the Main Stage on 1.9.10. We look forward to spending this upcoming year with you, and please continue to support and tell your friends so then they tell thier friends, and so on and so forth. Thanks for your Support Absence of Worry