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Snewing all over YOU

Thanks to everybody who is supporting ROCK these days. Rock, especially Hard Rock, has been in short supply when it comes to the mainstream. The major labels have done what they always do... give us nothing but what THEY want. It's usually been a rare thing when we the rock fans agree with what they want. These days, who cares what they want or what they have to sell. We have each other. We the Global Community or Rockers can find one another all over the internet with sites like this one and Cyqo.com and a whole slew of others that bring us together to meet and search for the kind of music we LOVE. We can talk to each other and talk directly with the guys in the bands we are into. How awesome is that! Snew is all over the globe because of this. We talk and share our music with people we like and like us. It's the BEST. We are going to put out our new album in about a month. We want all you guys to check it out and let us know what you think. Give us comments and if you have any suggestions or thoughts on what it sounds like or ideas for the next album we want to know. The coolest thing about all this is that we can all make the kind of music we love, together. You are now a part of the band. I MEAN IT! The whole reason our songs are up here is because we want it to belong to everybody. Our album is called "Snew You". Everybody we know likes to say that, so what else would we call it. You know what that means, right? Just say it out loud and you'll know what it means. If you ever come across someone who doesn't get it, then say Snew You to them. They'll figure it out. In conclusion, download all our songs and share them with all the rockers you know. Some of our songs will be free some we'll charge for (we have to make a little money so we can keep putting out more, you understand that) but if you share them with your friends, they won't have to pay anything. Send us a big SNEW YOU as often as you can and we'll Snew You right back. Curtis Don Vito singer for Snew curtis@snewyou.com www.snewyou.com