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D. Alan Sloan

The allmighty powerhouse drummer who recorded the first COSS album D. Alan Sloan is back!.

New album

COSS Dead Colors coming soon!!!

Diego and Carlos at RAMMSTEIN!

"Roll on" all the surfers shout!!!!!

Gary Moore!

Devastated by Gary Moore´s Death!


Hey! happy new year to all of you!. We started 2011 with the right foot and started to work on new material. Kevin has a new song and there are some others on the oven!. Oscar And Carlos found lots of live tape recordings and leftovers from COSS I, II and past gigs. So wait for lots of surprises from COSS this 2011!.

First Drummer

We want to thank D.Allen Sloan for all his work.


New songs from the COSS I uploaded and also the lyrics for the songs!

From the Band

Thanks for all the Love. We can't wait to hear what your doing out there and we play it loud. We love you all. Your friends in Music,, COSS


In the studio and new songs are coming so hang in there all you long time Coss fans. If you are a new fan, we want you to have access to all our song's new and old. Web site is like a, Men at Work, zone. I'm working on it man, Thankx everyone, Kevin Anglescry