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Hello Everyone!

Just wanted to give yall an update- Aug 5th- Mojo Main at 9pm Aug 6th- Palk Basement concert show party- 7pm Aug 7th- North Star Bar- 7 30pm

and tomorrow 8/2/11 we will be on the Foul Mouth Al podcast :] so make sure ya get that!

Stay cool

My Name is Drew

On the Road...sorta

Hey guys Zach here. just back from our show at Polaris in Philly. it was interesting to say the least, we played a good set, just happened to be one of those nights where the crowd lacked some rowdy teenagers. Anyway, recently MNID has been traveling every weekend to go play shows. it is a lot of fun, proly the top thing i enjoy most is spending time and performing with my bandmates. next weekend its the Barn in Landenburg PA, and then the week after that we travel to DC. This hard work and dedication has to pay off sometime. in the meantime, just keep enjoyin our music and if you like it, SPREAD IT! and let us know what ya htink about it! PEace love and lucky charms Zach

Fan Art/Sign COntest

Hey guys! so we are almost done the Fan Art Sign COntest! the last day is APril 30th, to submit your fan sign or art, message us on myspace or facebook. Again, the winner will recieve a free....FREE. MNiD T shirt, CD, and tickets to our May 7th show if they want them. Zach MNiD