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Are you Brave?

What does it mean to be brave? It seems like there isn't much opportunity, especially in modern society, to be brave. So how do you do this? I believe bravery is being yourself no matter what others think. When you aren't afraid to show people who you really are. Now bravery as a whole can cover so much. It could be the soldier who fights for his/her country or it could be the child that isn't afraid to stand up for what they believe in at school. To be a Christian it takes bravery. People are not going to like that about you. Bravery stems in the fact that you haven't given up on Him as he never gave up on you. When governments reject you; you should know that first they rejected him. Bravery is doing what you know is right even when no one agrees. Are you brave?


About to get off of work. After a long day its nice to just relax. Sometimes I wish that i could do music full time but its a process just like everything else. Just have to wait for God's timing whether it is the way we want to go or whether he has a better plan. Be happy where you are and be excited where God leads you.

New Beginnings

Been together as a band ever since 2009. Its been just recently that we seem to have had some problems. Our drummer is leaving to go into the marines so we are having to rearrange some things. We've got a few people in mind and Lord willing everything will work out. Personally, I love playing music. Have loved it since I was young and to be able to sing, play, and orchestrate especially for the Lord is an awesome feeling. I never intend to stop playing music and writing no matter what. -Korey H