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dustin's custom guitar

get your name engraved on dustin's new custom guitar. it'll be played all over the country this year. donate $15 to make it happen.

Building My Own Guitar dustinscustomguitar.tumblr.com

update from arkansas

I am on a couch in Conway, AR. I have been here in this spot of some variation of this spot for very nearly 24 hours, some very nice people were kind enough to open their hearts and house to us after the show we played at Soundstage, I don't think they had any idea we would be staying this long. But have continued to be cool to us even though we are essentially squating in their living room. I left the couch 4 times today, never for more than an hour, most for less then ten minutes. We went to Wings 2 Go tonight for dinner and murdered 70 boneless wings (Shane gets freaked out by meat on a bone) in less than 5 minutes. I am stoked that tomorrow we will be heading to Claremore, OK tomorrow to start promoting for our show the following day. As some of you may have noticed we are trying to up our game on the internets in the last few days, hope you guys will take a couple minutes and check everything out and let more people know about us. Other than that, please keep tweeting @therealsyg to take @withthepunches on their spring tour.

Hope everyone is well, DustinWTP