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We are planning another tour in October, hoping to kick it off in Nashville on the 11th and ending somewhere near the Czar Bar on or around the 20th, We need your support, Get our e.p. "REPULSE" from iTunes, www.darkharvestrecords.com or cduniverse.com, also help us out by playing our tunes on Reverb Nation, Sharing with your friends and adding us on Facebook and Twitter. It seems to be a social media game these days, the big records companies and labels are falling, so it's up to you the fans to bring it back! Want to see us in your town, well, send us a message ... WE ARE LISTENING!

William "buddy" Firth
William "buddy" Firth  (almost 6 years ago)


Thanks to all our fans!

If it wasn't for our fans, there would be no reason to keep going, YOU are the reason WE keep it going, YOU give us the energy and the drive to keep on delivering BRUTAL metal to your head,neck, and face area! We hope you have checked out (and purchased) our latest e.p. "REPULSE" from itunes, or at our label's page, www.darkharvestrecords.com , Also, please keep sharing our Reverb Nation page with your friends and enemies, that's how we climb the metal charts and get more exposure, the more plays/views/likes on fb, twitter followers, the more we can keep on MELTING YOUR FACES!!! Thanks again for being a fan! Please download "REGAN" from our 1369:the death and dying chapter album here on Reverb Nation for free, and if ya like what ya hear, get the whole digital download for around $7 bucks!

Holiday specials!!!!!!

Holiday specials to make your Christmas more metal! Current mood: anxious We are currently running some specials for all you for the holidays! See our list and info below! Artist: Sloburn For Fans of: Pantera, Lamb of God Sloburn's self titled debut cd Special price: $6.00 Artist: Final Curse For Fans of: Metallica/Slayer/Testament Final Curse's debut cd Constructing the Destructive Special price: $6.00 Artist: Fates Burden For Fans of: Black Label Society / Godsmack Fates Burden debut cd My Addiction Special price: $8.00 Artist: Worst Case Scenario For Fans of: Lamb of God, Hatebreed, Mastodon Worst Case Scenario's last album Special price: $5.00 Artist: Herod For Fans of: Metallica,Iron Maiden,KillSwitch Engage Buffalo,Ny metal masters Herod's newest release Special price: $6.00 Artist: Ares For Fans of: Vader,Slayer,Morbid Angel Ares package deal! Kill/GoreSledge and Dawn of Destruction cd's together Special price: $12.00 Artist: Recourse For Fans of: Dying Fetus, DRI, Hatebreed Recourse's last album Weakening the Structure Special price: $5.00 Artist: Blood Tribe For Fans of: Pantera , Machine Head , Testament Blood Tribe package deal! 1369: The Death and Dying Chapters cd with white "anatomy" t-shirt! Special price: $15.00 Artist: Deepred For Fans of: Dying Fetus Deepred's Prophetic Luster cd Special price: $8.00 Artist: Dying Fetus Description: Tagless Black Short Sleeve T-Shirt Special price $18.00 Artist: Dying Fetus Description: Black Girl's T-Shirt with Dying Fetus logo in white across chest. Special Price: $10.00 Artist: Dying Fetus Description: Black Hooded Sweatshirt w/ Green Dying Fetus logo across the front and "Skull Fucked" in white across back. Special price: $25.00 Artist: Dying Fetus Description: Black Zip Hooded Sweatshirt w/ Grotesque Impalement Album Cover on on front. Special price: $25.00 DYING FETUS CD'S : $10.00 Infatuation with Malevolence Killing On Adrenaline Grotesque Impalement Purification through Violence Destroy the Opposition Stop at Nothing War of Attrition SHIPPING RATES: ALL USA ORDERS $5.00 Single item Add $2.00 per extra item ALL OVERSEAS ORDERS $10.00 Single item Add $3.00 per extra item Send paypal payments with specific item details to: darkharvestrecords@hotmail.com For checks or money orders please print item list and send with check or money order to : Dark Harvest Records Attn: Myspace special 1195 Silver Creek Rd Danville,Va 24540