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New Single, "The One I Love", out and available for listening/sale!

Hey there!

I just wanted to drop a quick note to excitedly announce that my new single, "The One I Love", is now available for listening and purchase on iTunes, Amazon MP3, Spotify and a large number of other major music retailers around the world! So, go buy your copy today! Remember that iTunes singles make great gifts for the holidays and please be sure to share it with everyone you've ever met in your entire life... seriously... even that one girl! (Come on, she deserves to hear it!) :D

The response for the new song has been overwhelmingly positive, and I appreciate the love and support received from all of you out there!

Huge thanks goes out to Jack Saunders at White Cat Studios in Houston for doing an incredible job on the production, accompaniment and mixing of the song! Stay tuned for more awesome tracks to come, as Jack and I tackle the rest of my next album together!

Happy holidays!

#folkyeah! -Sarah