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2010, what a wild ride. THANK YOU ALL!

Hey folks, Alan aka "Brownie" here .... What can I say? Going from obscure bar band that was about to give up, to one of the most well known and in demand acts in Maine - all we can really say is thank you. All of you. Our first taste of local "success" came in late 2009 when Rob Kennedy from WTOS and Bill "bonedriver" Murphy at 106.3 The Bone, got ahold of our music and saw us live, all by complete chance. Before we knew it, we were headlining local shows, getting our music out there, and getting a LOT of air play. Ever since then its been a blur. Show after show, day in and out, some times for weeks straight, and even in a few cases, as many as three a day, we are yes, maybe a little tired, but ever hungry for more. For a band that's never actually released anything I'd like to think we've done at least okay. We're after all just getting started. We haven't all even been together as a group for a year and we've come this far. Which is simply flattering and I have nothing to give but thanks to all of you. There have been events small and large that have brought us to where we are - wherever that might be. Shows like the WTOS "School of Rock" and the 2009 holiday "Bone Bash" not only taught us a lot as a group, but brought us to a new level of exposure that has only taken us further. Sharing a stage with Shinedown, Puddle Of Mudd, Sevendust and others was simply surreal. walking onstage in front of 12,000 screaming fans many of whom knew the words to our songs was the most flooring, heart pounding, scariest and most exciting flattering thing any of us have ever done, but as we walked on, we all realized - this was what all the countless bar gigs and hours of late night band practices had come to, this is what we have trained for. And it paid off. The next day, we had the pleasure of not only meeting but opening for Guns n' Roses original drummer Steven Adler. And needless to say - I didn't sleep for a fucking second the entire weekend. Everything you guys have done for us, be it put flyers on cars in the middle of January, or play our songs for your friends, or make your own tee shirts (because we're too poor to get them out ourselves) will ever be forgotten or un-noticed. I speak for all four of us when I say YOU guys are what its all about and no amount of "thank you" will ever make us even. We're nothing without you guys, you're the best family friends and fans any rock group could EVER HAVE! And now, here we are - Not only a week ago, we found out we got confirmed for the up coming Godsmack/Drowning Pool Show oct 10th in Bangor. I thought our little summer "hey-day" was over. But once again, with now radio play on the already mentioned radio stations, but 95.3 The Edge, and 94.3 WCYY have now jumped on board, and we're about to embark to Nashville TN to record a live DVD - NEXT WEEK! Things keep just going further. And none of it is or would be possible without all the kindness and love you have shown the "little freedom that could" over the last year. If and when you guys can, get your Godsmack tickets through Fifth Freedom. We'll hand deliver them to you if need be! We'll always do our best to connect with you guys, you're the ones who matter and keep us out there and playing. I feel so blessed, (as cliche as it sounds) to be on the road with the best friends I could ever ask for with the most die hard fans, family and friends, that any band could ever want. I love you all. I'll let you guys go here, and no matter where this mess goes, I'll never forget any of you. -Alan