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Whiskey Heaven

As a child it happened to me very often. A song got stuck in my head. Sometimes for two or three days. Sometimes for even longer. Usually it were the most ridiculous songs that I picked up from TV shows or commercials that made me feel like an idiot but I had to sing it. They could easily go away for a couple days and then come back again. Just when you thought you got rid of it.

This time it's even worse. For the past 8 months or so I have this song stuck in my head. Only this time it's different. I actually love the song. And just because it's makes me happy I would like to share it with you. No, eventhough I like to drink, I don't consider myself an alcoholic. (yeah right, that's what they all say...) but it's "Whiskey Heaven" by Fats Domino. So now if you hear me mumble "Every afternoon that I wake up" or just the two words "You know.... " and then stop, you will hopefully understand where it's coming from and think "Yep, it's still in there!". It will definitely appear on my new album. It just has to.

You don't know the song? Here's a link to it: http://youtu.be/e5UwtGRX_nQ

Every afternoon when I wake up I say a little prayer and I drink up And thank the lord for driving me home once more

There's an open bottle on the table And an empty bottle on the floor Last night I thought I'd died and went to Whiskey Heaven

You know the sun never shines in Whiskey Heaven It rains Jack Daniels all the time There's a price you pay, hangovers everyday Flyin' high with honkey tonk angels in Whiskey Heaven

There's a rundown bar open all night When me and my friends can get tight Underneath the neon lights in Whiskey Heaven

We drank a little beer and wine Stay drunk most of the time We're always raisin' hell all night in Whiskey Heaven

You know the sun never shines in Whiskey Heaven It rains Jack Daniels all the time There's a price you pay, hang overs everyday Flyin' high with honkey tonk angels in Whiskey Heaven

Fly high with honky-tonk angels in Whiskey Heaven Fly high with honky-tonk angels in Whiskey Heaven


As a touring musician I've received lots of compliments in my life. Some were funny, some were weird (my sister plays the organ as well) but in general they were all from people who meant it very well. My favorite thus far I got about 10 years ago after I played at Buddy Guy's Legends in Chicago when a big brother came up to me, gave me a 30 seconds lasting "dude handshake" and asked: "Hey man, is yo' momma black?" Today I got another one that I will remember for the rest of my life. I was making dinner when the phone rang. It was Mr. Jimmy Molière who had been playing guitar for Fats Domino for 25 years. A couple months ago I've send him my lastest CD "Fats" which is a tribute to the "Fat Man" himself. Jimmy: "Man, I've played with bands from the US and Europe but I've never heard a band that comes this close to the Fats Domino Band. I thought I was listening to the Fats Domino Band!" That Mr. Molière, is one of the biggest compliments I've had in my life. Thank you.

Jennifer Aislinn
Jennifer Aislinn  (about 5 years ago)

Wow... That is amazing! It's an amazing CD and I'm so glad he got to hear it. I got chills reading this. I'm so beyond happy for you and I know those words will stick with you for the rest of your life. Good job!

Mr. Boogie Woogie presents new rhythm section

On Thursday May 17th I will present my new rhythm section at the Hutspop Festival, Beestenmarkt in Leiden. We have the honor to open this outdoor musical benefit for brain tumor research and we'll start at 2:30PM and go on for about 30 minutes. Don't be late!

Mr.Boogie Woogie's Mobile App

It has been awhile since you've heard from me. I won't bother you too much with too many newsletters but if you really like to stay posted about upcoming shows or new releases I can recommend to download my Mr.Boogie Woogie Mobile App for iPhone or Android. It's totally FREE and works great. You will also be able to download Fan Exclusive songs for free. I'm sure you'll like it! The Boogie Man

Back in pole position

It took me a long time but I'm finally back in pole position on the Reverbnation Blues Charts for the Netherlands. Thank you (new) subcribers! Expect to hear from me soon about the new website and the release of my new CD "FATS" - a Tribute to Fats Domino. Have a great week! Yours truly, "Mr.Boogie Woogie", Eric-Jan Overbeek

A Mr.Boogie Woogie App?

I've been thinking of getting my own Mr.Boogie Woogie app for quite a while now. I hope you guys really like it and we can stay in touch. Enjoy! Mr.Boogie Woogie

Best Dutch Blues Pianist 2010

Hi folks,

last April I was voted Best Dutch Blues Pianist 2010. It was the first year of Blues Awards in the Netherlands and everybody, especially the Dutch Blues Foundation, the promoters of this event, were very excited about it. A big step for the Blues in Holland.

What's new?

Let me see, my CD Just Like That! is out and got very good reviews in Holland. Third place in Best Dutch Blues CD 2010. People really seem to like the "first take cuts the deepest" approach. I'm also nominated Best Dutch Blues Pianist 2010. The Award night will be on April 9th at Hotel De Rustende Jager in Nieuw-Vennep. I'm very excited about it but I guess we'll have to wait till then. I'll keep you posted. EJ

New CD out soon!

Hello folks, my new CD "Just Like That" will be out by the end of September. I'm very excited about it 'cause it's been a while that I've released something new. It was recorded with my four piece band, all playing and me singing at the same time. That way we hardly had to do any overdubs. No tricks, this is how we sound with the four of us; Just Like That! I'll keep you posted. the Boogie Man

Dutch Blues Foundation

Last year October, two friends and I started a new Blues Foundation. I never expected how much work it was gonna be but we're making progress and we got the feeling that we're actually could do something for the Blues in Holland. I was always surprised that we don't have any recognition for the great blues players that we have here. There's no Awards, no Blues Hall of School, no Blues Challenge and no Blues in the Schools. There's plenty of Awards you can win if you're a jazz musician but nothing in Blues. With the help of the American Blues Foundation, Dutch musicians and all you Blues fans out there, I'm absolutely positive that we can make a change. Help us "Bringing the Blues Together" and become a fan on our Facebook or MySpace page. We also have our own website www.dutchbluesfoundation.com but that's obviously in Dutch.