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Clarification and catching up (Part 2 of 2)

3. Lower Middle Class-This group is a hop, skip, and a jump away from my usual folk-infused songwriting style, but it's actually closer to my roots than some might think. This band is a mixture of the good elements of red dirt (loud guitars and a steady backbeat) as well as the songwriting styles of old country from the 70's. I grew up playing punk rock music, and this band allows me to free the inner rock and roller by laying down some serious lead licks over the wave of the rest of the group. I don't get to play enough electric guitar these days (although that's in the process of changing) and this band gives me the excuse to do just that. From time to time, I sing songs for LMC, but mostly I stick to backup vocals and lead pickin' and that's exactly how I like it. I get sick enough of myself as it is sometimes. Terry Floyd is my lead singin', rhythm guitar-playin' brother-in-law who also writes a helluva song himself. Zach Weiderstein is one of my favorite drummers to work with and he also writes a mean song, including a big chunk of the LMC material. He and Terry make a wicked combo. J.T. Mosman (from the Double Clutchers above) is our de-facto bass player for the time being who also hops on acoustic guitar whenever it tickles his fancy. We don't play as often as any of us would like, but when we manage to work out our hectic schedules and we can all get in the same area code, it's sure to be a helluva show. Check out Lower Middle Class at www.reverbnation.com/lowermiddleclass or on facebook...once again.

Okay, so that was a lot of info about each. So much, in fact, that I had to make 2 posts to fit it all in. Sue me. You won't get the 10 minutes back but it's worth a try if you've got the money for a lawyer and don't mind getting absolutely no money out of me.

The internet has become a bigger and bigger part of my life with each passing month over the past year. I've been playing full time since last November and I must say it's been an eye-opening period in my so called life. Thank you guys for continually checking out the new songs, coming out to shows, and being the best fans that a guy could ask for. Over the past 12 months, I've had the pleasure of playing with so many great musicians from Oklahoma and beyond, not to mention some personal heroes of mine that it's hard to believe how much of the past 10 years I spent as a musical hermit. I hope you'll stick around for the next 12...

Clarification and catching up... (Part 1 of 2)

Hello out there in Internet-ville. My grass has grown way too high over the past 5 months or so since I last blogged about anything, so consider this a much needed mowing. In my travels and jaunts across this great state (and the surrounding ones) I have come across many new friends and acquaintances over the past year, most of whom ask me a relative variant of the same question...

"How many damn bands are you in?"

The short answer is 3. The long answer is as follows. I play with just about anyone and everyone that I get a chance to. So, while it seems like I may be a part of 17 different groups at any given moment, I'm really only committed to 3 of them. The rest are pick-up gigs, favors, and the always-popular sit in.

I love the sit in.

It's like getting to bask in the glory of someone else's spotlight for a few moments, then I get to fade away into obscurity behind the bar of whatever club or bar I happen to be show-crashing in at the time. Also, it's a great chance for me to share a stage with musicians and songwriters that I not only know, but have a deep respect for...not to mention they're mostly funny as shit to stage-banter with. So, without further ado, here's the list of my actual musical endeavors with a little bit of info about each.

1. The Damn Quails-This happens to be my primary musical focus at present. At the source, the Damn Quails is myself and Gabriel Marshall, a mucho-talented singer/songwriter that's been around the OKC/Moore/Norman area for quite some time and has a list of original songs that could humble the most dedicated singer/songwriter. They're all great, too. Joining us from time to time are a number of great musicians, including Biggie (the harp playing bearded wonder), Jon Knudson (the multi-instrumental wunderkid that can play just about anything he can put his hands on), Giovanni "Nooch" Carnuccio (master of the trap set and full-time drummer for the Turnpike Troubadours), and Luke Mullenix (bass playin' fool that gigs with a slew of folks around OKC and Norman). This is not a comprehensive list, as we've got a bunch of other folks that are kind enough to lend us their talents from time to time for gigs and the like. You can visit us at www.reverbnation.com/thedamnquails.

2. The Nefarious Double Clutchers-A critter clubbin', squirrel stompin' trio of some of my best friends in the world. J.T. Mosman has been a friend of mine since my high school days in Shawnee who sings, writes, and plays guitar and banjer. I call him Banjovi sometimes as it seems an apt description. Buffalo Rogers is another songwriting sumbitch that sings and plays a wicked harp, mandolin, guitar, and the ever-lovin' squeezebox. He has a group called Buffalofitz that you've probably heard of and most likely love. Both of these guys are great in their own right and I'm lucky to be able to gig with them from time to time when schedules allow. We've got a few demos and you can check out our music on Facebook and at www.reverbnation.com/thenefariousdoubleclutchers.

Performance Blog #9-Denison and Other Adventures

In case you missed my status updates and facebook posts, The Damn Quails took our very first trip to Texas as a duo a few weeks ago. It was a helluva show and has forever endeared me to the folks down in Texas. We took this trip with the fantastic Chuck Allen Floyd and the Liars Club, a group you should check out as soon as humanly possible. They're a tight group of musicians that put on a wonderful show and Chuck's tunes are finely crafted pieces of work. We rode down with all the guys in a nifty van that smelled like beef jerky and music men, not to mention the occasional cig. The club we played was called Loose Wheels, one of the biggest and baddest clubs in Denison. They built the thing out of an old radio tower and they've been adding on every since. If you're ever in the area, it's a perfect place to hear some live music. The local radio station The Range played Chuck about 15 times from the time we tuned in to the time we left, so be sure and check it out when you're passing through. Our crowd response was awesome and we're looking forward to our next trip. Take care folks...

Performance Blog #8 (The Combo)

In an effort to get current with these performance blogs, I'm summing up the past few weeks in this installment. We've been getting some really awesome takes from the Wednesday night recordings and I feel like I've finally found my niche in the Buffalo Family lineup. The songs are coming together nicely and we're all clicking on a whole new level with every passing week. The rain shields have finally come down (provided the rain stays away) and the beautiful nights under the stars are back in full swing. After Chuck Allen Floyd joined us last week for a performance at the Deli, we've decided to make him a permanent fixture at our weekly gig. Chuck is a ferociously gifted songwriter with a lot of experience and a ton of great tunes. He adds a whole new dynamic to the night that's a joy to experience. Last night, we added the multi-instrumental stylings of Jon Knudsen to the mix, along with Nooch on the skins and our old pal Biggie on the harmonica. There's some video up on my facebook site that you should check out, it's a laid back night of music that's the hottest thing going in Norman on a Monday night. Big things keep happening, hope to see you there next week. Love to all of you that keep us going, we couldn't do it without you. See you at the show...

Performance Blog #7

It's been a great couple of days in Bryon White world. I've been playing a ton over the past few weeks, and last night started the first week I'll be playing 6 days out of 7 IN A ROW. I'm looking forward to it, there's some great chances to check out myself and a whole slew of talented folks that I have the pleasure of getting to jam with from time to time. On to the gigs... Fri-Speakeasy, OKC. This venue is great for atmosphere, especially when it's packed full of friendlies. Some of the guys in my punk band from high school (The Mr. Shannons, feat. Chris Van Dyne, Keith Herron, Scott Butcher, Joe Haley, Jeff "Morty" Morton, and Craig Smith) came out with my buddy Rob from Washington to catch the show after Rob's birthday bash at the Redhawks game. Megan, Rachel, Sara, and my sister were also hanging out. The VIP of the night, however, was most definitely my favorite former neighbor Mike Childers. Mike is one of those guys that would truly do anything for you, and he was right there with us every step of the way when the Double Clutcher's first started out just over a year ago. Mike is my brother and has provided many stories from my nefarious past on the 37th street block. So, Gabriel opened the show with me on some backing vocals and guitar pickin', then I played two sets with the Double Clutchers. After that, I was dead-tired and ready for bed. Saturday-Othello's. The Double Clutchers have been making great music at Othello's for the past several months and we've had no shortage of interest from the folks that come there to eat and drink and be merry. Buffalo had some BuffaloFitz business to attend to, so Gabriel was there to fill out the lineup. We had some really interesting renditions of Double Clutcher's tunes as well as some solo material that we conjured up on the spot. My buddy Jimmy and his girl Sara came out all the way from Houston for a few special renditions of Iceman, as well as a boatload of others that are too many to name without leaving out someone. Love you guys, thanks so much for coming out to gig after gig and really supporting the things that we love to do. Monday begins a string of 6 straight gigs in a row, which shall all be blogged upon at the end of said week, as I'm barely getting this one up in time. Lots to write about...

Performance Blog #6

Tonight marks the era of the recorded Buffalo Family gigs! I'm excited for a number of reasons, the main one being that I no longer have to wait until next week to hear some of the songs that get stuck on a continuous loop between my ears during the space between Libby's gigs. The quality is workable and actually a lot better than I originally anticipated, making for a truly fun listen. It's good getting to hear a live show after the fact. Recording allows you to tweak things that you may not have realized needed to be tweaked in the first place. Once adrenaline kicks in, you don't have a whole lot of time to actually listen to some of the things you're doing, especially when you're trying to remember parts that you've done before that worked particularly well in the same virtual situation. Much like it has been with the Deli, these live recordings are a huge work in progress and it's going to take some time to get right. However, I think we have a really good starting point. You can download a Buffalo Family version of "Way Over Yonder in the Minor Key" for free from the player for the next few days. I'm getting ready to change strings and prepare for the Speakeasy gig tonight. It's good to be going back there, North side OKC will always have a special place in my gig history, and Speakeasy has made some great memories. See you at the show...

Performance Blog #5

Last week was another gig-filled 7 days. I've got the Deli gig in the last blog, so onto Libby's. Buffalo Family nailed the kit to the caboodle on Wednesday. The harmonies at the Taylor Swift concert surely paled in comparison to the 4 part parlays we got into last week. The energy and the songs were riding a sweet wave of whiskey and adrenaline, resulting in yet another amazing show. It's hard to have a bad show with so much talent on the stage, especially Blake Lennon's monster-acoustic riffs dotting the soundscape throughout the night. I can't say it enough...come check this show out if you haven't already. I'm bringing out the Mac and a room mic this week to capture a little bit of the magic on the Pro-Tools. Keep and eye out for some new music from Buffalo Family on the site in the next week or so. Mooney's was especially packed last week. All of our good friends and dedicated regulars came out to watch Gabriel and I tear into some folk tunes and old favorites. I really dig on the atmosphere at this place. The people are obviously there to have a good time and that attitude totally carries over to the performance. If you're in Moore on a Thursday, stop over at the former site of the Indian Hill's steakhouse for the best bar food I've personally ever tasted. Whammy. Last Friday was a very happenin' art walk down in Paseo. The weather was amazing and brought back a ton of memories from last summer when the Double Clutchers were catching the open mic down at Galileo's almost every week. During the times of the Double Clutcher house (on 37th and Virginia) we were constantly hitting up any stage that would have us, and Galileo's was always a welcome hot-spot. Picasso's is the new reincarnation of the Paseo-past-time, complete with a brand new menu, owners, waitstaff, and door-person. We had difficulty getting a table for ourselves amidst the walkers and talkers that came out for the Art Walk, but we endured the wait for some food-stuffs and much needed energy before the show. Bob Moore brought out his system, giving us a chance to catch up with everyone's favorite local music legend and nature-preserve owner. If you don't know Bob Moore, you've more-than likely seen him traipsing around various local music establishments, kicking back with the music-folk and wailing on any number of instruments from the bass and guitar all the way to the sax and piano. Bob has been playing music since the 60's and he is truly one of the mainstays of the Oklahoma entertainment scene. Check him out on Myspace, the guy's a character. We're off this week at the Deli, but we'll be back next week with a super-special guest, the immensely talented Ali Harter! Ali has just returned from the land of crepes and wine where she's been playing shows in support of her new record. She'll be sitting in with Gabriel and yours truly next week, make sure you come out and see some quality Oklahoma entertainment while it's still in Oklahoma. Thanks, friends. See you at the show...

Performance Blog #3-Deli/St. Patrick's Day at Libby's

Two great shows to bring this deal up to speed, the first of which was one of the most solid nights of Monday night deli action thus far. We showed up early to catch Travis Linville, something I'm trying to get there in time for more often. He's a true performer with the chops to back it up, not to mention a master finger picker and one of the most melodic vocalists you're ever likely to hear in Oklahoma. He also has a Reverbnation site which I highly recommend. After his set, Travis and I talked a little Todd Snider, followed by listening to some Todd Snider over the house system. "Thin Wild Mercury" is a rockin' masterpiece that's totally worthy of your time. I set up the Mac for what looked to be a great recording (once again) and proceeded to gear up. Gabe and I ended up playing a solid 227 minutes of entertaining music for a whole bunch of my friends from Shawnee that were gracious enough to make the trip. Doug Waldrop, whom I haven't been able to see nearly enough over the past few years drove all the way from the outskirts of Shawtown to the Deli. Ken Guff and Amy Guff came too, so did Brett, Becca, Spivey, Mindy, BJ, and all of our fantastic regulars that make Monday night a rockin' experience every single time. We say it every week, but we really do mean it when we say Monday's are our favorite night of the week. Cheers, Deli. The recording turned out much better than last time but there's still a little problem to be worked out tonight. Lookin' forward to it.

As for Libby's, the St. Patrick's Day crowd was in full swing. The patio was packed out with regulars, "Table 1" and the fantastic ladies that always make the most noise, Ash, my Sister, Rachel, and too many more to mention. I love you all, thanks so much for coming out. My mother and her pal Marcus even came down and hung out most of the evening. Buffalo Family was on fire, playing some of the coolest workups that I've been a part of so far. Harmonies were tight, crowd was into it, and there wasn't a dull moment the entire evening. My faithful 57 has seen its last performance, and this one was it. Time for an upgrade... See you all at the Deli.

Performance Blog #4-Mooneys/Deli

As simple a task as blogging about a show is, I've fallen behind faster than I figured I would. So...

Last week was rife with good times. After patiently (or not so patiently) waiting on my microphone, I got the call on Thursday to pick it up and headed out to Mooney's for my first experience from the stage. The food was top notch, arguably some of the best bar food I've ever had the pleasure to consume. Being as it was the owner's birthday, we played plenty of birthday requests that culminated in the birthday girl swooning from a chair directly on the front of the stage, celebrating her b-day Damn Quails style. Our homie Zach Reeves came up to close out the night and I returned to the house for some much-needed sleep.

The next day, we loaded up the car with all manner of clothing, soap, and other travelin' goods and headed to Eufala to spend the weekend with Brett and co. at the same cabin I've been going to for the past decade and change. We ate, we drank, we were merry. We beat the chill with a series of bon fires and headed home on Sunday.

Deli was great as always. I can't say enough about Travis Linville, if you haven't been to see him, you should stop what you're doing and track him down right now. Great stuff, followed by some good times with me and Gabriel doing some old favorites and a couple of new tunes. We topped the night off with some Pizza Shuttle (the thing I miss most about Norman) and good company with Preston, Brittany, and her man-friend. Whammy! See you guys at Libby's on Wednesday.

Performance Blog #2-Deli

Always a good time at the Deli, and this past Monday was particularly awesome. Travis Linville played a 30 minute encore and finished up with some amazing finger-pickin' on "It's Later Than You Think". After chatting up Bob Moore and Joe for a couple of minutes, I set up the Mac for what I though (and hoped like a madman) was going to be an amazing recording of an amazing show. It seems like there are some Monday's where it takes a few songs to get people in the Monday night mood. This was the exception. We stared strong and kept that momentum going the whole night. There were some nice folk from up north that had stopped in on a whim. It was their first Deli experience, and by the way the two huge cowboys were drinking and dancing together, I'd say their time in the south was a debaucherous one. The official Damn Quails medical staff was on-site, keeping us safe while performing feats of folk extremity the likes of which you have only seen on a Monday. So, upon finishing up one of the best Monday night sets of my entire run with Gabriel at the Deli, I returned home in eager anticipation of another awesome Deli recording. To my utter dismay, as I wolfed down a Nacho Bell and booted up the Mac, both the mic and line tracks from the night were hissy, scratchy, and virtually Gabe-less. As it's sounded nothing less than decent since we started recording the shows, I was surely disappointed with the great recording gods who smote me. There's always next week...