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One of my pastimes is making guitars out of cardboard. So far, the guitars have been just for looks, but if you've got any ideas of how to attach strings and electronics on them, I'd be interested! It started out as a Halloween costume prop, but after I sold a couple of them, I became a little obsessed with the whole concept! Watch my videos on youtube to see some original paintjobs and how I constructed the guitars: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-U5mNE10GY8&feature=related If you think that's ridiculous, you'll LOVE the video of me in my "Cardboard Man" suit of armor, playing one of my cardboard guitars! The youtube videos were actually fundamental to getting "Rock Mail" started.

Rock Mail
Rock Mail  (over 7 years ago)

I'm at a standstill with my double-neck les paul. I know it's only cardboard, but I want to paint it right. It's either flames again, like I did on my other cardboard guitars, or something experimental, like a "reverse silver sunburst" that starts with black in the middle and fades to silver around the edges. Would that work? Is anyone listening? Don't make me erase this blog!

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