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Moving forward

It's been a few months since I wrote the bio on this page and now it's time for a little update. The shows are becoming more and more successful, and we are regulars at the Cup and Court Tavern. As well as continuing to write new material, we are also looking to expand our stage show. We are looking to expand our reach outside of New Jersey. Any clubs wanting to book us give us a holler, and any bands wanting to share the stage drop us a line.

- Ant


First of all - blog - what a fucking word. Sounds like something you hack up.

Now, news on the band front. We have made incredible progress on our songs and our set list and we are still in the process of writing new stuff. Two more major holidays this month and a following few months expected of shitty weather, progress will probably be slowed. We will continue to look for gigs and do more promos, and get more stuff on here and facebook and myspace, including some videos. And once holidays are over we will eventually get into the recording studio to actually get good sounding recordings of this shit.

Any qwestions, qualms, issues, or whatever, hit me up

- Anthony gobilyghoul@msn.com