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New, Fresh, Moving Forward

Hey everybody! Long time no see. Haven't had a chance to blog in a couple months. Anyway, new album in the works! Sounding great and Zach and I are very excited to see how its accepted to all of you guys. Check out the new Facebook page! www.facebook.com/timharakalofficial

Lets keep the momentum

So now that the album is done things are finally falling in to place. We just got back from a successful mini-tour in Ocean City Maryland and I couldn't have asked it to go any better. I expected people to dig the music, but singing along, dancing, and chanting as the cops had to shut Jules and I down due to a crowd that was clogging the board walk flow...well, that is a thing of beauty. We even had a hotel stayer say he might get some "action" tonight because of us...I mean seriously, could a trip get any better. The answer was, yes! Many of the listeners from OC also snatched up the free stickers we had set out as a way for us to stick in their minds just a bit longer...haha, get it. In short, we had a thousand and now we have zero. Anyway, the hard work is paying off. The album is still set to drop August 6th and we are planning to start the production of our first music video in Coney Island this weekend. Lets keep the hype up errbody!!!

Some call me...Tim

CD Done!!!

So, we finally have it in our hands. The CD is done and a thousand are sitting right next me begging to listened to. You can acquire your own copy via show, but will not be available on the market until Aug.6th...the CD release party. Also, Aug.5th Jules and I will be performing on the brand new Steel Stacks stage at MusikFest while simultaneously shooting our FIRST VIDEO for the albums single Save Me. We are going to need plenty of extras for the video...so, I want to see all your beautiful faces front and center. Cheese!

CD almost complete

Album "Big Things" will be available for purchase soon!!!