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Times like these, is Substance!

More and more music is being created by people who is not sure whom they are, but insist on having followers. talking bout cars, big houses when they living from house to house or live in an apt. on da bus. Smoken & drinking err day with the cool crowd. I got one question! What are u bringing to the table "Humanity" besides a song the sound like the rest? They talked about the same stuff so much! Now hip/hop is about who can shoot out the most and coolest metaphors. back in the day a metaphor was used in the punchline to get err one to relate in ones way of story telling. Now the songs saying more nothing then ever & when I hear these kids on the street. Wow! I call on Jesus to help me maintain my sanity...... We need substance in our musik: our leaders, speaker, all those who hold a position in the public need to sacrifice for our future. These Kids are the future of humanity. If u would look @ the world.... A modern day Sodom ^ Gammora our creator is not happy!

Introducing Da Bea$t

Hi errone I'm The Flame Know as Lei! I know U all got alot of questions bout me. if U ask I will try to answer as best as I can! I'm God fearing, single, and love me some Chocolate in Jade keep it hard like Mohogony especially during the holliday, but that Kitty be right err Thursday! Lol.... They'll never get it!!!!! My music is my passion, God is my life, Preservation of my love ones is my goal! That means U too! If these guys on da radio & Tv use they gift for satin! God gave me a sword & shield to that of a prince! To herd my flock to his Kingdom! I'm not perfect but I'm made in his emage. So I strive to reunight with my father the King & fight with my prince Christ! I am a night prepared to DIE for my King! "GOD" my heart is YOURS & bleed for only U my Lord!!!!!!!!!!