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Just Checking In

Hello everyone! Happy Independence Day! Just wanted to touch base with you all and let everyone know we are still alive.

Last winter Carlos left Scissor Kick and then after our EP release in April, our bass player left the band. There was no hard feelings or angst, Mercedes’ and Carlos’ priorities didn’t align with Scissor Kicks priorities so we all had to move on. That’s the way it is sometimes.

Being in a band and dealing with the rest of life has its challenges. We deal with day jobs, school, family, and even being social, verses... the band. The band is: rehearsals, writing, practicing, meetings for marketing and checking in with our goals, maintaining equipment, checking in with each other, booking and playing shows all while enjoying the ride. This can be difficult to do.

There are moments when the doubt and struggle will just get right in your face to knock you down and keep you there. As terrible as it feels to be down, it feels so much better to over come and rise above it all. Granted, the doubt will return, the struggle will remain and most of all “it goes on” -MT.

From what I gage in the current members of Scissor Kick is that our past experiences have forged our intestinal fortitude to conquer our fear and self doubt. We persevere and guid each other through it all when we perform for our new friends.

We want to thank all you for your “likes,” “shares,” “comments,” “steaming,” but most of all for showing up and performing each song with us. The shows aren’t a Scissor Kick performance without you all bringing it alive with us. Much thanks and gratitude from Scissor Kick.

We look forward to seeing everyone at our next show. We have a new additional guitarist, his name is Mike Reyes, can’t wait for you to meet him. We are still searching for a bass player to be a new member but we have friends to fill the void until we do.

“We just want to use our powers for good” -Scissor Kick Family

Holidays and Getting ready for 2018

We have made great head way on our first EP, Flood Prep. Soon we will announce the release date for the EP that has consumed so much of our time. We look forward to what 2018 will bring.

Veterans Day Weekend

Have a safe and enjoyable veterans day weekend. My weekend will consist of playing my drum kit and spending time with my wife and kiddos. After 10 1/2 years of active service, I’m conflicted with the politics of my country but it always comes back to one thing, the bond and brotherhood established through long heavy days that we all didn’t survive. The best and worst days (sometimes the same day) were shared with men and woman of different cultures and walks of life; after it was said and done you couldn’t distinguish the difference in us because what we shared sinks so deep in the grain of our being. We all came back to the our families but some of us still aren’t home. Today I am focusing on the things in my life that bring me home, my family and music. I hope all you can find the same peace between the the moments of chaos and wondering thoughts. Stay safe, productive and keep moving forward brothers and sister; and thank you for serving with me so that I am never alone and neither are you.