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#TheCOOKup coming soon! Fuck what you heard!

First REAL ALBUM (not Mix Tape)

Ok, so heres the situation. I hooked up with my beat guys and got 16 tracks already with my name on it. Beats are in MY possession and I am on the verge of starting my solo Album only thing... I dont have names for all the songs but I have my verses already written out for 4 song. 16 tracks in all and all will be FLAME and nothing less, I am serious about my music so my album is going to stand out from all that other mainstream rap. Im on a mission for the to happen. I hope everyone will show me full support though this experience. When my album is out its a wrap Collabs will be done with Razzle D Yung 12 Jizzle of Kountin Fast Kash Young Murda Flamez Prophit AND OTHER NAMES THAT ARE NOT DECIDED YET. I picked all these beats myself and the lyrics will compliment them. With all that being said anyone who wants to help or contribute to my album GET AT ME ASAP I plan on finishing the label in a MONTH MAX GET AT ME Murda M4tt

Dutchez  (over 7 years ago)

Im up for the challenge, hit me up! Your ma works with my ma, i aint think you would be good when i heard about you. But, im very impressed!!!!