Freedom Congress Message from Jim DeMint

The American federal government is out of control. The checks and balances imposed by our constitution are now largely blurred or bridged. Runaway spending and government control will put an oppressive burden on our children, grandchildren, and most likely generations to follow. Our national sovereignty is being compromised to our peril, from porous borders to using international law to make domestic judicial rulings, are progressively stripping U.S. citizens of the liberties we’ve enjoyed for over 200 years. 10 years in Congress and the most recent power grabs by those in executive, legislative, and judicial control proves to me that only the American people can pull us back from the bottomless pit of socialism. I am asking every American to stand upon their faith in God and love for their families and join millions of other freedom fighters to replace bad leaders with good and to demand we return to the principles, values, and standards established in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution.