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Holiday Update

Well, 2009 is coming to a close so we would like to give you, the fans, an update into the new and exciting events surrounding One Fell Swoop. For starters, our T-Shirts and other merch should be available by Swoop for Soup Vol. 2. We're all really excited at how the graphics are shaping up for the shirt and we know all of you will love 'em too. Our Studio recordings will be on their way in early 2010, followed by a cd release shortly before summer if all goes according to plan. The Swoop Movement is starting to get into high gear with the first major promotion happening at the el Mocambo as part of Swoop for Soup. The band and other members of the Movement will be preparing sandwiches, pre-show, for those in need. We're really looking forward to being able to help those less fortunate members of our society. Anyone looking to join the street team or the Swoop Movement should check out www.swoopmusic.com for more information about both. That about wraps up the end of year announcement for us. We'd just like to thank everyone who has been supporting the band throughout the year and hope that you will continue to show your support for the band by spreading the music!

Have a happy and safe Holidays and New Years!

Thank you,


Songs up!

A whole bunch of home recordings have been done, and we've got the songs up! Check them out, and hope you all enjoy!