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New Album

Well, got the debut album out of the way...kinda of. I still have some legwork and $$$ I need to muster to get mechanical licenses for the covers: Bumpin, Fever, Misty, Rainy Night in Georgia. But currently I'm working on the next album. Think I'm going to name it "Home Made Jam" or maybe "Getting Friggy...". Who knows. I did post "Two Clicks Past Ruidoso" which (once I get it finished) will be one of the tracks on the new album. You can sample it here. Though it's a little rough yet. I have around a dozen or so other base tracks that I'm working on...not sure which will survive or morph into something else. Doing a really fun and catchy one here lately that I don't have a name for yet. Other than "Tune in D Dorian". LOL I like it though...some of the overdubs are catchy... I might post it and see what the fans say. LOL. Having fun surfin the circle - Mike