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Off to the Beach

Hello music fans. Another weekend, another opportunity to hear some fine music. We recently returned from Vancouver, B.C. where we attended the Vancouver Folk Festival. For Cheryl and I this was our 17th consecutive visit to this festival. I thought last year was a bit weak and was hoping for a return to the usual great music and feel we have grown accustomed to over the years. Luckily, we were not disappointed. We heard lots of wonderful music. However, most of what really impressed us was not of the expected acoustic variety. Our favorite group was 'Ngoni Ba', a Malian group that draws its name from the iconic Malian guitar the Ngoni, pronounce 'goni'. Listening to this hot band, whose female lead is referred to as the "Malian Tina Turner" it is easy to see where Rock and Roll comes from. An Australian band called 'Oka' was also very impressive. They are fronted by Stu Boga Fergie, called 'Digerie Stu' by his family. He has fantastic Dig technique plus he runs his dig though effects pedal to create and even more unworldly sound. Of course, I cannot forget to mention 'The Avett Brothers' who really shook up the festival. I don't thisk they were quite what many of the fans there were expecting. Nonetheless, they rocked us good. Back to the subject of this entry, I will be playing this weekend along with my good friend Dan Weber and The Grode Brothers in a wine shop called The Twist Wine Company in Pacific City, Oregon. We will be spending a couple of nights there and will be playing around the campfire for each others enjoyment as well. If you are around the North Oregon Coast this weekend, stop by. The show will be from 5-8pm and admission is free. Have fun and keep on singing, Dan