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Elderly Geezer Goes Against Grain, Finds Needle in Haystack

Hey! This is my first entry on a Reverbnation blogsite, so forgive my greenhorn self if I don't do it like everyone else does it. In fact, about the one thing that defines my existence is that I don't usually do it like everyone else does it. For instance, most reasonable guys have their families, mortgages, and ulcers in their 20s, 30s, and if really pushing it, their 40s. Not being your typical "reasonable guy", I had ulcers at 14, a family by 20, and my first massive responsibility meltdown early. I had decades of drug and alcohol problems thanks to an horrific upbringing, and my inability to figure out the difference between music and the music biz. Now, At 64, especially since some incredible kids came into my (and Linda's) life, I've had more wonderful moments, solid creativity, and useful moments than I would have dreamed possible. I thank the Creator for my life and most especially for my connect with life, music, great people and especially, with myself. "You can't give away what you don't own", no matter how successfully you can make it seem otherwise. The Great Spirit allowed me to develop my music sense, and it is good and well beyond style. I want to thank all those who give my music a chance by really listening to it. I don't need a recording contract to put out wonderful, creative music, and I make it available for those who appreciate it. Keep coming back!