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The Song That Got Away

New song :))

Lady of Legend. (Pickering/Oram/Barham)

Forgot to mention new song uploaded a while back John Pickering's lyrics are clues in a computer game which was over taken by some of his many other projects. He kindly let me have the song for my next album:)))

round the corner

uploaded new mix of Round the Corner.

Round The Corner

New song 'Round the Corner' :)

Plectrum in my boot

Plectrum in my boot. Video now uploaded.

Plectrum in my boot

New song 'Plectrum in my boot' track 4 on my player! A fun little number which I didn't really intend to record..it just happened! :0

Dance til you Fall

Just uploaded a new song. 'Dance til you Fall'

'See Amid the Winter's Snow' (Caswall)

Just added video! Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year! :)

SeeAmid the |Winter's Snow.

I am very pleased to say that one or two people have asked to buy my version of 'See Amid the Winters Snow'. So I am selling it with the assumption that the tune is traditional!...Well it's so old I wouldn't owe any money anyway..but I do like to credit the composer!! Thankyou! xx :)