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Fundraising for New CD has begun!

If you have ever expressed interest in my recording a new CD, you are going to be happy to know that I've opened a GoFundMe account to raise part of the funds that will be required to record a new CD. I know that many of you might think that $10K seems like a LOT of money and believe me, so do I. But it all costs money and there are so many hidden costs that go into production of a CD. Licensing is expensive, paying musicians, renting recording space, production...it all doesn't come free. So if you find a few dollars lying around and would like to be a part of making this CD a reality, please go to www.gofund.me/f5l2k0 and make a donation. $25 will get you a CD before anyone else and there are other rewards for other donation levels! Thanks!

Wings Over Waukesha 2013

Once again, I find myself in Wisconsin (the 3rd time in 30 days) for Wings Over Waukesha. Truthfully, this is one of my favorite shows to be a part of. Despite the fact that they are a small, but growing show, they treat me very well and seem to appreciate what I bring to their show. I'm looking forward to a nice calm day and then performing for their Sponsor dinner, where i'll be joined by some local swing dancers. Many of you know how much I enjoy when people dance when I sing, so this is going to be really great.

The airshow starts on Saturday and I'll be singing in the morning and then finishing my part of the day when I open the flying portion with the National Anthem. I'm hoping the weather holds and we see skies as nice as what we had at Oshkosh!

ICAS Convention in Las Vegas

Well, it's the time of year when I begin my 10 hour trek south to Sin City for a week of fun/business in the hopes of booking more shows throughout the year. I am also performing for the third time at the ICAS Has Talent Fundraiser and this year is going to be the best, as I've decided to throw caution to the wind and sing a song that is so far out of my wheel house it will be something not to be missed. I'm also really excited to catch an old friend from the Eastern Idaho State Fair, Marc Savard, who is now doing his hypnotist act at Planet Hollywood.

I think it's going to be a great week in Vegas, and for those that are also going...can't wait to see you!

Oshkosh Day 1

All I can say about EAA AirVenture is WOW. It is impossible to describe the size and scope of this show! Day one was filled with many tribulations but this is everything I ever dreamed it would be. Where to start?

I arrived in Milwalkee and was picked up for the 1.5 hour drive to Oshkosh. On the way, I discoverd that the housing I expected was going to be dramatically different. I was now staying in a house built in the mid 1800's that didn't have a shower, just a claw footed tub and would possibly be sharing the area with two gentlemen from the South pacific (that turned out not to be the case). The apartment is lovely, well appointed and actually a calm respite from hot days at the airport. I'm going to post pics on my FB account for those who are interested.

Day One at Air Venture was the hottest day I have ever worked in. It was over 100 degrees for a large portion of the day and although there was a breeze, it was also hot. I arrived at the field and was being driven around getting the tour and dang if we didn't almost run into Aaron Tippin in a golf cart in our Willie. It was a funny thing, because I ALWAYS run into him at the weirdest places. (He is a country western singer who LOVES arishows).

Then, I sang at Warbirds in Review which is an area where they bring in a plane and experts, or the original pilot will talk about flying it, missions, restoration or whatever applies. A musical portion is new addition and appears to be well received by everyone so far! It is wonderful to entertain the veterans and people who appreciate the music and who haven't heard me before. (Of course I also still love my established fans!)

When I finally got home, I was hot sticky and sunburned but was pretty sure I was going to enjoy the rest of the week. Ill write about Day two first thing in the morning....I'm starting to fade and who knows what I'll end up writing!

I was asked to sing for a private party celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Glacier Girl and was glad to be a part of the celebration. It is an amazing plane with an even more amazing story and it was an honor to be incuded!

EAA AirVenture-Oshkosh Rambling

I was told this morning by someone I know pretty well that I don't ever seem nervous. I'm here to tell you officially that I am nervous at every performance. My goal is to present an authentic musical program and not having grown up in the era, I am always nervous that I'm not getting it right.

So having said that, I am VERY nervous for the upcoming performances at Oshkosh. It doesn't help that I don't know what to expect, but I'm very grateful to the crew and staff of the TinkerBelle C-46 who are going to help me find my way around as well as Ed Humphries and Connie Bowlin, my sponsors. Their faith in my ability to pull this off and make a splash are greatly appreciated.

Back I go to adding new songs. There are going to be at least 8...so if you've seen my show before and are coming back, I'll be adding some new and exciting songs!

EAA Oshkosh 9 days and counting!

For many years, I have dreamed of attending and singing at the largest Airshow in the world, EAA AirVenture Oshkosh. Thanks to a few people who believe in my talent and were willing to sponsor me, that dream is finally going to come true! With just over a week before I fly to Wisconsin, I find myself in the beginning throes of panic. I am worried I'm not ready, that my costumes are going to be too hot and that everything will be a cluster. I know that many who read this will be surprised to see that I still get nervous, but those that really know me will sagely nod and say, "yes, she is almost always tremendously nervous" and they would be right!

My plan for today is to finish compiling the lyrics to songs I struggle with as well as finishing off researching the history of some of my more popular songs. I find that when i know the history, the song usually becomes more real to me. I've been working on several new songs, including We'll Meet Again & Mean to Me (especially for Tex Hill) and I'm hoping they go as well as they have been going in my living room and car!

I'm a terrible blogger, but I will try to keep this updated before and during the show!

Preparing for Sun N Fun

I'm less than 24 hours away from departing for Lakeland and Im more excited about this show than I have been for a while. I've worked hard and spent money that I didn't really have to gain exposure and this show is one that I really never dreamed of getting. It's been a struggle to get the larger airshows interested in me because they don't really see where I fit in until they give me a chance. I'm hoping that this show goes well and can develop into something recurrent. Fingers crossed and Blue Skies...

Warriors and warbirds airshow
Warriors and warbirds airshow  (almost 5 years ago)

You rocked all of your shows and the National Anthem was the best I have ever heard!!!!