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Unclaimed Bands Interview

Got a spare 28 minutes or so? Why not take a listen to an interview we did with an online music magazine/podcast called Unclaimed Bands. Unclaimed bands offers a chance for original bands to get heard. They conduct an intimate interview with the band, infused with two songs of their choice, and present them as free podcasts on their site as well as via iTunes. No radio producers. It's always nice to get a little press as we gear up for our show on April 18th at BBC. Dan and Ryan did the honors on behalf of all four of us. http://unclaimedbands.podomatic.com/entry/2015-03-22T17_19_16-07_00

Have A Listen to Our New Track!

When we first performed our cover of Lionel Richie's "Hello" at a show in Illinois a few years back, the band that opened for us went bananas about it and said "That song is going to put you guys on the map!" Well, it sort of has. We obtained permission to record our version and put it on our new CD (available 8/16). But as a thank you gift, we are going to let you download this crowd favorite FOR FREE. But here's the deal. You have to share it with as MANY PEOPLE as possible and help us get up to 1,000 Facebook likes! Download and SHARE the song here on Reverb Nation. Enjoy the freebie, share it widely, and buy the new CD because all of the songs on it are BAD ASS! Thank you!

The New CD is in production now!

Alright knuckleheads! Our new CD is in production now and soon "Ascension" will be released upon the world! And to celebrate our latest recording, and the birthday of our executive producer and Mitchell's owner Brent Rock, we are going to have ourselves a party at Brent's establishment on August 16th. You can come hear and purchase the new CD, enjoy some killer shot specials, hear us play LIVE, and wish Brent a happy birthday! And the best part of all is IT'S ALL FREE! Why? Because we want you to celebrate with us and you shouldn't have to pay to go to a party, right? Bring friends. Hell, bring enemies if you want. Just make sure you join us!

Why We Do This

We just played a show last Saturday in Cudahy, Wisconsin at a place called The Metal Grill. It's a smallish club in a city just outside of Milwaukee where we played with two other bands, one of which was the band that booked the show for their CD release. At the end of the night, each band member made $12.00. That's right.

It wasn't enough to pay for a tank of gas, or breakfast at a local diner. We have been together since 2005, we have opened for national acts, beat out hundreds of other bands in a national contest to perform at Summerfest (The world's largest music festival) here in Milwaukee, have appeared on TV and have songs licensed for syndicated TV shows, and in spite of our achievements in the past, we made $12.00.

Why do we do this? Because we love music, that's why. We love what music does for your soul, and how it makes you feel when it's really good. We love creating music, out of nothing, and love the process of writing music and lyrics with the hope that someone, somewhere will like what we do. To get what we get from music is, well, priceless.