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Working On New Stuff!!!

Hey all of our DMH fans out there!!! Just keeping you in the loop with what has been going on in the last month and a half since we talked. We (JT, Tony, Phil & Jeff) are hard at work on new everything. New music, new merch and new logos. We are not planning on hitting the stage until May but that all can change tomorrow. Who knows. Just stay up to date with us on here and at our Facebook page www.facebook.com/dmhchiago. And as always we love and appreciate you all. Thank you for your support and keep it metal!!!

A Great Start to 2014

With 2013 already gone, let's get you up to speed on what has been happening since our last blog entry. In February 2013 we saw the return of JT as our lead vocalist and sometime in the summer of the year we saw the departure of Chris our drummer. In the Fall, we added Jeff to our line up as our new drummer and he learned all of our stuff in a matter of weeks and not months like we expected. It also left us to perform our first show with Jeff at Bada Brew in Crest Hill at the Prison City Massacre 6. If you weren't there talk to someone who was. It was a... let's just say it was a show you had to see...lol. Anyway back to the point at hand.

We started 2014 with a few new songs in the works and a show with Tantric at Penny Road Pub on Saturday January 25 and a tune up show at Nite Cap in Chicago the night before. Both shows were out of control for us. We met and partied with a lot of great people and bands. So much fun.

Now as we look forward to the rest of the year we are still looking to finishing our CD we keep promising you. It should be out no later than Spring of this year. WE PROMISE!!! Also a lot of great shows coming up this year. Stay tuned to our blogs and our Facebook page for upcoming shows.

we survived 2012

I know it's a bit late for our year end post .But I , me ,Tony , was very ill for all of December. So I'll keep it short and sweet . We are now a 3 piece , have been since summer . If we find the right singer things will change. We keep trying 2nd guitarists and that never works out too well...for the 2nd guitarist . We played a lot of great shows this last year , the highlight being Summer with Cannibal Corpse and many other great bands. We made a lot of friends ,lost a few and finally finished recording a cd which will see the light of day sometime in early 2013. Other than that , thanks to everyone for the support , and here is to a healthier , busier year . If I missed anything feel free to yell about it.thanks again . T

Its Been A Long Hard Road

With 2011 winding down and the start of 2012 looking to be yet another new beginning for DMH, we have to thank all of our fans, close friends & families for supporting us as we endured more than our fair share of unfortunate events. As most of you already know I (JT) posted to our social sites and stated that I would be leaving the band due to family issues. I have decided to stay with DMH and finish out this year and well into next year for the time being. Also I regret to inform the very few of you who don't know that Dan (drums) has left the band due to an injury he sustained to his arm so he would not hold back our progress in writing and recording. With his departure earlier this past summer we have worked with a few drummers who have been our friends as well as our former drummer Brian (now with Skull King) who stepped into the roll with only a few practices under his belt and it felt like he never left. We would like to thank Brian and Mike Schmitz (drums for Under Protest) for helping us out up to this point. This brings me to the point of introducing you to our new drummer Mike Doud (formerly of Third Octave). Mike filled in for us on Oct. 23 when we opened for the Misfits at Mojoe's in Joliet. Such a huge response came from that show he has decided to stay on board and continue writing with us. We welcome Mike and his creative input. He has filled in for us in the past when not too long ago a last minute show came up and our drummer at the time (Brian) was unavailable to perform and Mike stepped in to help us out on that show.

With all that being said we look forward to our upcoming shows to finish out the year and the beginning of next year. Keep it metal!!!

The New Year for DMH

Well 2011 has already started off with a huge schedule for us. We began the new year with seven shows lined up through February and into March with shows being added everyday it seems like. We also have new originals and new covers to be added to our set list. We once again made another change in our line up with Dave leaving for personal reasons out of his control. Well with the four remaining members, Tony, Phil, Dan and myself (JT) are going to push on with just us. We are just working out our sound and trying to find what defines us as a band and as well as individuals. Look for some special announcements to be made this year as we head into what could be the deciding year for DMH. This so much fun we don't want it to stop.

The End Of 2010 & The Beginning Of The New DMH

Its been a while since I took the time to write about the band so let me bring you up to speed. 2010 was a great year. It started off with a game plan for us involving writing and recording which we succeeded in doing and ending with us taking the world (or maybe just Chicagoland area) by storm. We also seen members come and go with the departure of Dave. We picked up Ben in his place. Then Ben left and Dave returned. Brian left due to personal issues and then Dan was our new drummer. Its been a rollercoaster ride. We also opened for some big names in the business such as Steven Adler and his new band Adler's Appetite as well as Zak Stevens formerly of Savatage with his new band Circle II Circle.Awesome times. Then on top of everything else we have a great outlook on what 2011 will bring. Here's to the new year and what's in store. Gonna be a blast!!!

New Guitarist

As of today (3-27-10) Ben (new guitarist) is coming along nice. Tony brought him up to speed on all of our originals we have in the books now along with a few covers we have. After practice and a brief run through of all the songs, Tony, Phil, Ben, and I all went to grab a drink at a local watering hole. As we were there we asked Ben if and when he would be ready. DMH is back on the map. At the rate he's learning he will be ready for our next show in April.

Writing And Stuff

This past week was very productive for DMH. First on Friday we auditioned a new guitarist. Then on Saturday we laid down the foundation of what is soon to be the next step in DMH's future. Our writing new material and suggestions on future ventures are coming along as we speak.