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The Ascension Nibiru - Between A Planet And A Hard Place

First let me welcome you my newest project. I hope you enjoy it. Secondly you will need setting and location to enjoy the songs as it is lengthy chill music with an edge...hazy, droning, melodic, experimental, with heavy rock overtones, etc would be the sum of this project this time around. I hope you enjoy it and it strikes an ear nerve or an inner eye glimpse of consciousness. If it does, become a fan, if you like. Also unfortunately due to the length of the songs a FM like quality MP3 was the closest I could come to "quality". (As if mp3's were good to begin with ;) Anyway if you want a better quality of any or all of the songs just give me a shout.


The Ascension

Songs have been uploaded. Click here to listen...http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Ascension/153030748078408?v=app_2405167945&ref=sgm or click on the above picture link.